A “Caring” Adult

More than forty years have passed since that evening and from time to time it comes back to me. It is quite possible that I have managed to suppress the full impact of that night; it is also highly probable that for many years it affected my sexual desires and actions. The memory of holding the naked torso of an adult male can creep up on me when I least expect it.  For example, when I have recognised the vulnerability of my own children, wondering how a ‘caring’ adult can take advantage of an innocent child.   Sometimes it comes to me during or after a sexual encounter.  I have never raised this issue in counselling, nor have I contacted the Verona Fathers to discuss the trauma this issue has caused me.  I have instead chosen to block it from my mind and tried not to think of it.

Only Father Romano Nardo will know what actually happened that night.

All that remains is the memory that I never went back to his room or the God Squad and I lost my respect for him.

2 responses to “A “Caring” Adult

  1. Tony,

    Like you, Tony, it is hard to comprehend how a ‘caring adult’ can use a child by taking advantage of them for their own personal sexual gratification. I understand how the thoughts and feelings that accompany such an experience can surface at any time – unfortunately, as you said, it is usually when you least expect it.

    I hope that writing about what happened to you at Mirfiled has been a positive step for you. It can’t be easy writing about such things, and i feel what you have done has shown great courage and strength.

    A Mirfield Boy

  2. These last few posts and comments have been pretty hard core.My memories of Nado are of his peculiar appearance which was matched by his even wierder behaviour.I always looked upon him as a religious fanatic.He would always take the literalmeaning of the bible which seemed unusual as the literal meaning was meant for cultures that existed many centuries ago and needed some kind of reinterpretation to have a similar impact in the modern world.

    I remember on one occasion being driven by him to the A1 to hitch-hike home . We were behind a lorry and Nado insisted on driving with the bonnet of our mini clubman underneath the rear of the lorry. When I pointed out that this was a slightly dangerous manoeuvre, Nado replied that as Jesus was always with us there was no need to be afraid .His driving was ledgendary always at 100mph.
    Can any one remember the trip to Scarborough??

    It started off by driving down a one way street in Leeds against the flow of traffic,being stopped by oncoming police and turned around. Just a verbal warning that time, remember ‘Jesus was with him.’

    Next was a game of chicken with a large tractor and cultivator on a single track country lane.We approached the tractor head on at mach 1 and as God was always with us the tractor ended up in a ditch as our transit flew by.
    The next incident occured as Nado attempted a very poor hill-start and rolled into the car behind us. Obviously Jesus was not in that vehicle as he was always with us. So we pulled away and left them to it.

    The grand finale happend in Dewsbury.We were trying to set a new land speed record at night down Dewsbury high street,in a transit van . On passing a stationary bus at a bus stop a pedestrian stepped out in front of the bus and into our path. He glanced the side of the Transit and was flung onto the road .Here is the dilemma: was God with him or with us? I believe that his God was with him because by rights he should have been killed. However God the father ,son,and holy ghost were traveling that day in the Transit with Nado and us. On stopping to help the poor man it soon became obvious that he was an illegal immigrant. He refused any offers of help even though he had a serious injury to his leg.and he tore up witness statments that one of the boys had taken and sent us on our way .
    So ended our day trip to Scarborough!!
    In my youthful naivety Nados behaviour was eccentric but now I am older and wiser and from what I have read I realise that there was a darker side to this man.

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