William (Bill) Stewart – “just stumbled accross this blog”

Just stumbles across the “Mirfield Memories/Childhood I the hands of the Verona fathers website/blog.

Interesting and saddened by the stories written, I am now a middle aged man on a reflective gauntlet. I was there only for 1 term from Sept 1975 to Christmas 1975- not long. The sufficient trauma of trying to make Priests out of 11 year old boys was as unacceptable then as it is now in the light of adult consciousness.

My name is William (Bill) Stewart and from/still in Scotland. If anyone is likely to remember me, I’d like to hear from them.



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    • Hi Mark.

      Thanks for the reply! I still live in Scotland and have 3 jobs at the minute! One of these guys who lives to work! Never lost the faith and still very staunch, however with no affiliation to any lay movement. You know, nervously, I wrote my script because looking back, it had a deep affect on my psyche. Needless to say, no parent nowadays would conceive sending their kids away. Thought it would make men out of us….but did it?

      A remembrance of names like Cerea, John Clark, a big brusque Irishman (can’t remember his name, the Maths teacher (a wee black haired Italian boffin). there was a nice, ordinary teacher (layman) can’t remember his name and a spiteful woman music teacher!! Sounds like the cast of a Carry On film (without the laughs). Nostalgically, I can identify with Fr. Fulvi coming to the Primary School on a mission and wee boys and blinding parents falling for it all. However, there must have been a few success stories from Mirfield?

      I’d be interested in hearing how the Solicitors progress with the case.


  1. Hi Bill, my name is Jezz..i was at Roe Head from Sept 70 until March 1975. I was expelled for having a letter exchage with a girl friend i had at the time, the Priest who expelled me i think was Father Russell, who came from the North east. Aparantly having a girlfriend is a big ”no-no” for the Priesthood, but as we have subsequently learned the sexual abuse boys was allowed to happen. Thankfully being expelled had no lasting effect on my part, and i was never abused in that way, so managed to move on without too much difficulty. Ive read a few blogs on here however many seem to be related to the years 69/68 to 73/74. So my group 70 -75 was if i remember Chris Garland, Paul Dresser, Nicki Radomski, Simon Tingle , Peter Murray, John Mcgovern, Tony Rowe, Martin Devilish, Fr Paddy Burns, (who sadly passed away..) Chris Grodecki (who had an older brother) Spud, Andy Routledge mabey a few others? Seems the class wittled away each year. Would be great to hear from some more of them.. Jezz

    • Jezz
      I’m sure I remember Martin Devilish, (He’d be a young 5th year guy), great personality and was good to us 1st year new bloods! there was a guy called Rosie (am I correct?) and a few others. I remember a guy they called ‘Bonzo’ who was in 2nd year and a guy (who’s now a priest in the Blessed Sacrament Fathers in Liverpool).

      Yeah, tragic that the abuse stories surfaced. I wasn’t one of them. I can still navigate around the place in my mind and the awful food. however, I remember Jeff and his nice Mother (cook). Was there not a pet sheep called Whisky?

      Best wishes Jezz

    • Interestingly, Father Russell left Mirfield, and as far as i know the priesthood. There was some story about him having a relationship with the woman librarian.

      Having a girlfriend was not a big no-no for him!

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