Footballer​s who came to visit Mirfield

Ben writes: I was chatting with a couple of the guys from Mirfield and we were discussing footballers who had come to visit Mirfield. The names we have come up with so far are:

· Willie Bell (Leeds United & Scottish International)

· Johnny Quigley (Huddersfield Town)

· Mike O’Grady (Leeds United & Huddersfield)

· Some player from Rotherham who was the cousin of somebody at the college. I thought his surname was Casey – could be wrong

Anybody know of any others?

4 responses to “Footballer​s who came to visit Mirfield

  1. I don’t remember footballers but I definitely remember the James Bond Aston Martin db6. That was fantastic. Also a brother,I think his name was Sartori, he had been a young player at inter milan? Chris lloyd

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  2. I was also thinking of boys who were students at the College who were exceptional footballers. Peope who spring to my mind were Gerard Daniels, John Duffy, Dominic Timlin. Also remmber John Maher being quite a useful player. I remember somebody from Manchester think his name was Matthew. I attended the college in 65-67

  3. The player in the College team that stands out most in my memory is Sass, Dermot Lamb. He was a genius with a football. I think he left Mirfield to go to Sunningdale around ’65, but I’m not sure of that. I do remember Willie Bell of Leeds United and I remember all the team taking a course to qualify as referees. I think everyone passed the exam. If I remember it right,it was because of this that the tv cameras came and filmed the team running across the playground and down the slope towards the football field, and that was shown on tv.There were also photoes in the newspapers but I can’t remember which newspapers.Perhaps someone will remember that.

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