It is not my Blog.

It is not my blog.

It is not Kevin’s blog.

It is not Tony’s blog.

It is not Gearambo’s blog.

It was,  and still is,  a blog that is, primarily, for the many that went to the Comboni Missionary, Junior Seminary,  at Mirfield.

Do you want it to carry on.

Do you have things you want to write.

Are there others that have not contributed to it, but still want it to carry on.

We need to know.

Mark Murray

4 responses to “It is not my Blog.

  1. I for one would like it to continue. I have made a number of contributions and have immensely enjoyed reflections and insights into other people lives past and present. Many times it has been refreshing and insightful to be reminded of times gone by. This blog assisted me to engage with people who I thought would be lost down memory lane. If there is anything I can do to assist please contact me.

  2. I echo the thoughts of Ben & I’m sure many others. I am convinced that the blog has much more good work to do. If Ben or anyone else would be prepared to attempt the technical aspects involved I’d happily chip-in with replies to posts, daily monitoring etc.

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