What was the name of the football teams we used to play

Obviously football was big in our lives at Mirfield. Trying to remember the names of the teams we used to play:
– St. Peters
– Mirfield Methodists
– ???? Zionists

After that my mind has gone blank. Anybody else add to this?

Regards Ben

9 responses to “What was the name of the football teams we used to play

  1. Hallo Ben
    I was there from 69 to 74, so after you .And I was crap at foottie so when we played games among ourselves I was happy to play on the right wing,lol.away from the melee.I remember once i went to the sister,s house ,or i was there for some other reason and one of them lent me her Bloomers to wear as shorts which caused the watching priests no end of laughter(i was maybe 12 or 13.
    I did it deliberatly and was not embarrassed at all,
    I am sure that I told this story before on the blog but trying to find it is so difficult so if you are one of the new admins.maybe it would be a good idea to look at the way of organising posts
    Anyway all the best

  2. I remember Mirfield Parish Church, played in strips of red & white ‘quarters’. They had a wee chubby, pink-faced blond striker. Didn’t look the part but he could play. We once played against them at home in a snowstorm. I kicked the wee guy all afternoon, couldn’t get the ball off him. Before the game Fr Pinkman had reminded us to shake hands & chat to our opponents after the game. I shook hands with the striker as we trooped off & asked what he was for doing the rest of the day “Sittin by t’feckin fire & countin t’feckin bruises”
    Ravensthorpe Redemption ?, x Trinity, x Methodists ? Old age doesn’t come on it’s own.

  3. When it comes to the names of the teams we played, my mind is a total blank. I can’t even remember the name of the league we were in.

    I do however have some memories of some of the games we played, mostly to do with the huge scores we would win by. 17-1 away. Another game I remember was one we won 14-0 or 14-1 at home. In the return match away, we were surprised to only draw 4-4. I remember that game in particular because I sustained an injury to my right knee and was limping around for quite a while. One day, Valmaggia saw me limping and suggested I pay him a visit. I didn’t go. Maybe it was close to the holidays because I do recall visiting my doctor at home. I do seem to remember losing heavily in one game, 8- 3 or something like that. That was an exception however.

    I refereed a game once. I think that must have been after we all had qualified as referees. It didn’t go too well. It started raining and I was wearing my glasses and according to one of the visiting team, who told me in a relatively polite manner, that one of our players, Rollo I think, had carried the ball by trapping it with his arm next to his body. I didn’t see that at all. That was the only game I ever refereed. Playing football was far more enjoyable.

    I remember Ceresoli playing in one game and he scored a wonderful goal. He floated the ball over the keepers head and into the ‘net’. It really was a great goal. The only problem was, it was an own goal.

    Then there was the day we were on tv. I’ve always remembered that. The whole team qualifying as referees was obviously newsworthy. We were shown running across the senior playground after leaving the rec room and then running down the slope to the football pitch. I was proud wearing the Inter Milan strip. We were also photographed for one of the newspapers. I can’t remember which. I wish I had that photo. Maybe someone reading this will have it.Or maybe it is lying buried for ever in some newspaper archive, a photo of the senior team and Ceresoli is there too. Or maybe it has gone forever. Maybe just a memory now. There is a photo of the junior team on the blog with Fr. Pinkman so maybe someone might have this one of the senior team. That would be nice. I’m not certain when we did the referees course but it must have been ’65 or ’66. There seems to be nothing at all about the senior team of the time on the blog. There are photos of the seniors on Tony Kennedy’s videos and on mirfieldboys.com, but they are before I was a senior. It was ’65 and ’66 when I was in the team.

  4. I agree Boy X, there’s a lack of photos & info on the senior team during that time. I remember there were 3 or 4 team photos on the wall in the senior rec room (1967), wonder where they are now, be great to see that Inter strip again. As juniors we got to watch the home matches of the 65-66 seniors & yes indeed they were a really good team.

    I was in the senior team 66-67, the year after you. Leo Murphy & I had been the full-backs in the juniors the year before so it was a baptism of fire for two 14year-olds. We were playing against guys who had stubble on their chins & legs like tree trunks. The Inter strips, to our dismay, were discarded sometime during that season (falling apart). The 66-67 team photo had us in the new strip of red tops/white shorts (horrible). We also started to have ‘guest players’ turn out for us, no idea where from. It would be a lie if I claimed we were any good, pretty bad actually. I blame the change of strip.
    I was politely asked to leave Mirfield in summer of 67 so it would be great to hear from guys who later graced that hallowed turf in the 70s & 80s.

  5. Hi Frank, I remember one of these guest players he was called Frank Casey and was supposed to play for Rotherham United.. I remember the Inter kit kit the neckline was tightened up with a draw string. Somebody once said they were made by the nuns. Regards Ben

  6. Yes indeed Ben, I remember the boy Casey. He was a good player, Chris Cole had introduced him as his cousin. We also deployed a couple of other guys, I think they must have been local. One of them gifted me his shin-guards after a game, I tried wearing them but just couldn’t get the hang of it all. The story I remember about the Inter strips was that they came direct from the club & were presented to the college by a relative of Fr Colombo. They were the real deal & aye I remember the neckline having to be laced-up. The ‘socks’ were strange, no feet, just a loop of elastic. Took a bit of working-out, that one.

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