Wanting Truth and Justice to Prevail – that is not an Obsession

It seems that some people feel that I have become obsessed about continuing to want to expose the abuse that happened at Mirfield by the Comboni Missionaries. “Forget about it;” “move on, ” and phrases such like have been put about.
I have not, at least, I do not think I have, become obsessed about the sexual abuse that took place at Mirfield. Obsession and sexual abuse, in my mind, do not go hand in hand. And I have many other things to do and think about that does not concern Mirfield or abuse.
The Comboni Missionaries abused children – they will not acknowledge that; a large part of the Catholic Church, particularly Bishops and Cardinals will, also, not acknowledge the abuse of children by their priests.
The fact that I want the truth and justice to take place does not make me an obsessive person about Mirfield abuse.
When I went to Verona to meet Father Romano Nardo – the priest that abused me at Mirfield, and also at my family home in Liverpool – I believed that I would be listened to by the Superior and the Vice Superior of the Verona Mother House. ” Only here for the money” was one of the many hurtful and painful statements made towards me. I did not expect that reaction. A reaction of arrogance, intimidation and what seemed to be one of total hatred and indifference.
Therefore, I do not believe I am obsessive in this matter.
What I want is: the truth to come out about the sexual abuse that took place at Mirfield; an apology from the Comboni Missionaries for that abuse and the attitudes of the Catholic Church to change in relation to how they treat those that were abused.

I will, as far as I understand myself, always want that to continue until that change happens.

What will help that change:
• Negative media attention;
• public outrage
• and loss of their monies through the civil courts.

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Mark Murray

5 responses to “Wanting Truth and Justice to Prevail – that is not an Obsession

  1. It is the Comboni Missionaries (Verona Fathers) who need to move on. They are stuck in a time warp. Even the Catholic Church has moved on more than they have. Until they admit, apologize and changed their procedures and modus operandi, to stop abuse ever happning again and dealing with it appropriately if it does they will be stuck with their past obscuring their present and future.

    Child abuse is wrong
    Covering up a crime is wrong both in God’s eyes and that of the laws of the land
    Harbouring a criminal is wrong too

    Is there anyone who disagrees with those three statements? Yet the Comboni Missionaries have done them all without any regret or apology.

    Are these really Holy Men of God?

    As Jesus once said “By their followers ye shall know them”.

    The Vice Superior of the Verona building where Mark went, told Mark after he told him he was abused by Nardo (which he knew alread) “Everyone makes mistakes”.

    Now,does anyone think they are taking it seriously?

  2. Mark. You are not obsessive in the least. When there has been deep pain caused through abuse there needs to be healing . That cannot fully take place until there has also been full acknowledgement of the abuse and wrong that has been committed against Innocent children and you were an innocent child at the time entrusted to the care of adults who should have protected you. The McLellan Report here in Scotland speaks clearly about Justice that is owed to survivors and recompense and support that needs to be given to those who have been abused. I hope and pray that this comes about for you and the others who were abused at Mirfield. I will do all in my power to help change attitudes in the Church I love and which I am still very much part of as a Deacon .

  3. I agree with everything that Gerry and Mark say. This was always going to be a long war of attrition. The more silent we are the more they perceive that the problem has gone away. They will minimise, trivialise and normalise, Let’s keep on going



    • Ben, Mark,
      The Huddersfield Reporter doesn’t think it’s gone away either.
      July 29th they had a piece about St. Peter Claver College: which I aptly read in on The Jesuit’s own feast day.

  4. The word ‘Obsession’ ususally has negative connotations attached to it. Obsessive people usually let their particular ‘obsession’ take over their lives at the expence of everything else. So It is a totally inappropriate word to use to explain someone’s steadfastness in pursuing and seeking truth and justice. I know Mark has family and works and has a lot going on in his life, so to imply he is obsessive is certainly wrong. People who say ‘move on’ or ‘forget about it’ , are in danger of falling into that catagory described by Edmund Burke. ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing’.

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