“What happened to me and my brother needs saying”….. “he would have gained a lot of comfort from this site” — by Btscot

In reply to Mark Murray.
Not sure why I feel compelled to get in touch as i am not seeking any retribution. Just came across this site. But I thought what happened to me and my brother needs saying. I attended Roe Head in mid 70s I had just turned 12. My older brother attended too. He was the main reason I went.

My brother left and after I returned from the Easter holidays I had real bad case of homesickness. It was then that I had to go to the Father’s room at night as he tried to convince me to stay. At the time I didn’t know what was happening. He made me stand naked and used to feel my leg, working his way up to my privates and fondling them as I was told to close my eyes. There was other bits happened.
This happened a number of times before I left.

My brother however, had it a lot worse than me. He was there 3 years and had sustained abuse during that time from the same priest which went much further! I didn’t know about his experience and he didn’t know about mine until 5 years ago, a year before he died of cancer. The experience in Mirfield had a more profound effect on him who was plagued with a guilt complex all his life. As I get older I am beginning to question my long held view that it had no effect on me.

As I said I am not looking for any revenge or retribution but seeing this site I thought I better put it out there. I know my brother was aggrieved at what happened to him and it changed him forever. He would have gained a lot of comfort from this site and sharing with you all.

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  1. Two more boys who were subjected to abuse, one of them, at least, whose life was irrevocably ruined by this – and yet the Comboni Missionaries / Verona Fathers won’t even apologize.

    It makes one very angry indeed about the these supposed ‘holy men’ who have supposedly given their lives to God but who abuse little boys or protect those who have abused those little boys.

    What would Jesus have thought of them? One hopes he has a special place in hell reserved for them – and they still have the effrontery to lecture and advise people on morals when they have sinned so eggregiously themselves and contine to do so by protecting criminals.

    As Jesus said “suffer little children to come on to me.”

    He also said that “by their followers ye shall know them”. What sort of followers do the Comboni Missionaries have?

  2. Hello Btscot
    It is with humility & admiration I thank you for sharing your experiences at Mirfield with us. It is very sad to read of your late brother’s turmoil & the abuse suffered by yourself. You are right in saying your brother would have taken comfort had he been aware of fellow Mirfield survivors reaching out online. The blog has been the meeting place & source of comfort for all of us. The Verona Fathers remain in denial about the abuse, cover-up & failure to provide duty of care to children. We will make them change their mind about all of that. Please continue to visit the blog & be assured we are here for each other, at all times. Frank McGinnis

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and posting on the site. It is good to know that you have managed to come to terms with what happened to you at Mirfield but terribly sad about your brother.
    You answer your opening question in your final statement ,comfort , and may I add support
    All the best Degs

  4. Btscot says he is not looking for retribution or revenge. However, I hope that he will give some thought to seeking justice and report this to the police. I only have happy memories of my time at Mirfield but reports like this wonder whether I was blind to what was going on.

  5. I would be very grateful if you could contact me…..your story is the same period as mine….you are the first I have heard from this time….please contact me on my email…..with kind regards john mccabe.

  6. Dear btscot,  I would be very grateful to you to contact me on my email… you are the only boy from my period at roe head who has come forward apart from me….I cannot say anymore than that….I àm in legal proceedings…please contact me….Thankyou John Mccabe.

    Sent from my Samsung device

  7. i was at mirfield ,(1970-1975)
    We must have come across each other.

    My case is in court at the moment.

    I am so sorry about your brother,,,and that he died from cancer so young.

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