Comboni Missionaries

Comboni Missionaries

The Comboni Missionaries (Missionari Comboniani) used to be called the Verona Fathers. They are on 5 continents. All the abuse victims that we know about are in the UK. Some of the abusers were sent to the Missions in Africa or to other European countries. According to a top psychotherapist we contacted, there is a low ‘cure’ rate for paedophiles (pedophiles).

We were told that there is a high chance that they will offend again even if transferred. Perhaps the next big scandal in the Catholic Church and of the Comboni Missionaries will be in the Missions in Africa. Here is a list of the places where they have a presence and the name of the organisations in each country.
Comboni Missionaries USA North America – Cincinnati
Comboni Missionaries England UK – Sunningdale
Comboni Missionaries Uganda – Kampala
Comboni Missionaries South Africa – Johannesburg
Comboni Missionaries Ethiopia – Addis Ababa
Comboni Missionaries Kenya – Nairobi
Comboni Missionaries Sudan – Khartoum
Comboni Missionaries Asia Phillipines
Comboni Missionaries Macau Taiwan
Comboni Missionaries Eritrea – Asmara
Comboni Missionaries Malawi – Llongwe
Comboni Missionaries South Sudan – Juba

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  1. Hi, sr Lucy chepngeno . Thanks for making contact, appreciate your time and thoughts. Not sure whether you are from Comboni Missionaries in the USA or want to make contact with them. Anyway, we have a Twitter account @comboni_abuse and we have recently been blocked by by Comboni in US/Canada @NAPmccj Any help appreciated.

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