Use this Blog to Support, Engage and Argue

Some young men at Mirfield have managed to incorporate, and thus dilute, the darker time at Mirfield with the good.  I believe that some have kept that dark time separate in order not to contaminate the good.  All of this needs closure for some of us.

How can we meet up in the years to come and still chew the cud over a pint without putting this to rest?

Use this blog to help and support, engage and argue because we must all come to terms with the fact that we went through this together and somehow after all these years we are still Mirfield Boys.

Finally, to those of the order who are aware of this blog please feel free to post opinions.  Come out from behind the collar and reinstate my belief in humanity because I would like to think that my judgment of character could not be that far off.  To those old boys who had not been affected by or were not aware of these episodes at Mirfield, please remember and support the lads who were.

These are my own personal thoughts and opinions if you know any different or can offer alternative explanations please contact me.


4 responses to “Use this Blog to Support, Engage and Argue

  1. I don’t think any of the Verona Fathers will answer, the order has its head in the sand about what its members did at Mirfield. They know full well what went on, there were enough students who went through the Mirfield system who eventually became members of the order. They know what went on yet keep silent. If they had any decency about them they would have spoken out long ago. I would not like to be a Verona Father on Judgement Day.

  2. hi another mirfield boy
    judgement day.I think that by posting blogs and leaving comments the order and its actions are being judged.Let us not forget the positive sides of Mirfield life as well.
    The order has been blighted by the actions of a few and their inaction.

    Thanks very much for the input
    all the best Degs

    • hi peter
      thanks for the link.It certainly brings things into perspective It seems to be that this behavior is endemic in the church and as things stand perhaps we got off lightly.Only a few in the order actualy abusing.However what sticks in my throat is the fact that I believe the order were aware and yet chose to turn a blind eye, which makes them complicit.It now seems,beyond reasonable doubt , that abuse occured at mirfield through several “generations” of lads,So lets hope that one day the order will do the right thing and allow some sort of closure for these victims.
      once again thanks for the link and to anyone else out there its worth a look
      all the best degs

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