Anthony’s Story

Comboni Missionaries Abuse

Anthony Smith, was pleased that Fr Pinkman seemed to like him. He even put him in the school football team even though there were other boys who Anthony thought of as better footballers than he was.

He was like the teacher’s pet and Pinkman smiled often at him.

Life was like a bowl of cherries – until Pinkman pinned him up against the wall in the pitch black at the back of the Recreation Room.

Father John Pinkman

Said Anthony “He pinned me against the wall and kissed me me all over my face, rubbing himself against me with an erection. He was running his hands all over my body, touching me up. I was absolutely terrified and froze!

“When it finished he just carried on as if nothing had happened. This happened a lot of times. He would also invite me to his room and did the same thing there. I didn’t know what to do, I was 11 years of age, 4 foot nothing! He seemed very big and strong to me. I knew it was wrong and sexual”.

It started to sink in with Anthony that this was not going to stop. He couldn’t even write to his parents about it as the Comboni Missionaries read every letter sent out. So he told a friend about it who came with him to see the Rector of the seminary / college and told him about Pinkman.

Father Ambrogio

Said Anthony, “He didn’t say a word, and I left the office knowing that nothing would be done about it. From then on I changed and became anti everything there, and when my parents came to visit, I said I wanted to leave, without telling them about Pinkman”.

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