Tony’s New Story

Comboni Missionaries (Missionari Comboniani)

I have just clocked up 1500 emails on the subject of the Comboni Missionaries (Verona Fathers), since this all started for me in September 2013. What i have achieved in the last 15 months is:-

1 Proof to myself, my ex-wife, my children and grandchildren that I was sexually abused in 1965/66 by the Comboni Missionaries, formerly known as the Verona Fathers. Also proof to my siblings, all my relations, and the people who knew and know me, that abuse by the Comboni Missionaries took place at that age of 11/12.

2 I have become united with the Mirfield 12, which is very important to me. I am in contact with the very people I need to be, as we all have the scars.

3 I have seen it in black and white in The Observer national paper, my local papers for all to see, and various other copy around the country. It is available online around the world. I have even been on TV, which was not in my plan. The Comboni Missionaries abuse is out in the open for everyone to see, and not to hide from anymore.

4 There is a chance that something may come off the Theresa May inquiry, but I am too sceptical to hold my breath.

5 There is a chance, although I think it is a very slim one, and again I will not hold my breath, that Father Romani Nardo will face British Justice.

6 I am free off all illegal narcotics, and so have a chance to make my life worth living.

7 I am engaged with the Psychological services in the area, and I am hoping to get on the right track. Although I have been seeing somebody or another for 40 years, so we will see.

8I don’t expect any honest dialogue with those cowards in Italy. I would like to be in their face with Google etc for ever though.

To find out about the abuse perpertrated on Tony as a 11/12 year old, click on Anthony;s Story

One response to “Tony’s New Story

  1. A very moving account Tony of your time at Mirfield. Your bravery, resolve and determination to see justice delivered is an inspiration. When we met in London earlier this year you helped me cast aside any doubts I had about the deeply personal journey we were embarking on. I thank you so much for that. Having been the stuff of our nightmares it is the Comboni Missionaries who are unable to sleep peacefully now. I am sure there will be others visiting this blog who will be strengthened by your story. My message to the Verona Fathers is the same as yours, we will not be going away. Let justice be done though the heavens may fall. Frank McGinnis.

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