A Post-Holiday Update

Hi, Degs here.

First off just a few tips for navigating the site. There is now quite a bit of dialogue in the comment area, which can be found at the top of the right hand column. The latest blogs can also be found there by clicking on rss posts. This may seem obvious. However if you are a bit of a IT philistine, like myself, then we need all the help we can get.

Recent comments are very heavy, with a portrayal of lives of misery. I have nothing but admiration for those old boys who have once again visited their dark times at Mirfied. They have revealed the faults and failings of the order to myself and the majority of old boys for whom the Mirfield experience was free from such trauma.

The consequences of such revelations have had a deep impact on me. They have blighted, and rightly so, what was a very influential part of my life. As I have stated before, people that I have always held up as true, good and honest examples of humanity I now find to be complicit in the abuse, sexual, physical and mental, of some of their charges. I believe that apologies have been asked for, perpetrators confronted, but all to no avail. Silence in itself speaks a thousand words.

There has been very little input as to the more positive side of the Mirfield experience which in itself is puzzling. Before the initial disclosures I had looked upon my Mirfield experience as a totally positive one. The adventures, experiences, characters and camaraderie were second to none. The stuff of brilliant childhood fiction. For those of us who still wish to remember it that way this site is here for that too.

Even those of us who are involved in exposing the less digestible side of Mirfield could do with a few lighter moments to try and achieve a balance.

Remember that this can be done with complete anonymity. I hope that the actions of a few perpetrators will not be seen as a reflection of the order as a whole and that the representatives of the order will seize the opportunity to put right the wrong doings that were done in their name and seemingly with their blessing.

I hope that you all had a good xmas and look forward to an interesting 2012

ps. Sniff if you’re out there it would be good to hear from you: kevindeignan@live.co.uk

4 responses to “A Post-Holiday Update

  1. Hi Degs, I was at Mirfield between 71 and 76, I remember you as a prefect and also that you came back and painted the pictures above the stage….I was in awe….. My memories of the fellow pupils are still strong, I was in the same year as Chris Tingle, Paul Lloyd, Brian Fallon, Brian McGinley, Chris Speight, Danny Harwell, Jackie Rooney….great cameraderie between us all. Some older boys I still remember well….Donno with his LPs, Spud Kennedy with his hair brush and cassette player, Andy Routledge doing his pull ups, Gus Murray who wowed us with his guitar, Paddy Burns, Tony Rowe, Tony Walsh, Paul Dresser, Martin Miller busting someobody’s nose, Chris Gartland, neatly busting my nose Martin Devenish……I could go on. Also brothers Staton and Downey.

    All the best

    Steve Rozental (aka Rosie )

  2. Hi Steve
    Thanks for the comments. Glad to see that dementia hasn’t set in yet. All those names bring back memories. It is nice to see that the site is being viewed and used by so many old boys. Have our paths crossed at any of the past reunions? Hope you might be able to post something of more memories at Mirfield in the future.
    All the best

  3. Hi Kevin, thanks for your blog and the profile you are giving to past sexual abuse at Mirfield. I am hoping that through this profile we hope to advance our claim for social justice which the order will not acknowledge, I am asking everybody to contact me on and explore the possibility of how you can assist us.



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