I thought abuse only happened to me

A large number of people, that have left comments on the Mirfield blog about their abuse, may have felt, in the past, that they were alone.
They thought that the sexual abuse they experienced at Mirfield, had only happened to them.
That is, often, how the perpetrator grooms the child – convincing them that they are the only one that matters – that they are special, and more important than all the other children around them.

The blog has been, for some people, the catalyst that has put them on the journey to find, justice, closure and inner peace. It certainly has been that way for me.

Prior to the blog, I too thought, I was the only one that had been abused in the way that I had been at Mirfield.

It has been a long and drawn out process to reach ‘the place’ where I am at now.

The Mirfield blog has empowered people. It has given them the the power and the courage, as a group, to seek recognition and justice for the inexcusable abuse that happened to them and their friends at Mirfield. The abuse they suffered has blighted and effected large parts of their lives for many years – unfortunately, in many cases, the pain and suffering continues to this day.

Mark Murray

4 responses to “I thought abuse only happened to me

  1. That is 100 per cent true, it has blighted my life and still does to this day. It changed my perception of the world totally. It influenced my every thought, word and deed and still does. They are going to be exposed, and punished, but they still won’t be punished nearly enough for my satisfaction. I have lived in virtual hell for 50 years because i was abused by another priest as i served on the altar in my parish when i was 9 years age. I have been angry ever since and still am, which hasn’t endeared me to a few people along my life.

  2. I will never understand for the rest of my life, how an adult can sexually abuse a child. It is beyond my comprehension. They do not care what will happen when that child grows up.I think that an abuser of children is as low as it gets.I don’t believe in treatment because there isn’t a medicine for evil. I do believe that it is a much bigger problem than society perceive it to be.I hear things on a regular basis and I am still shocked and angry and sad.In my case I didn’t at first, in fact for a long time know why I felt so rotten all the time. When the penny dropped some 20 years ago, my life became much more difficult to put it mildly.The fight has only just begun, but there will be acknowledgement and justice to the victims.

  3. Hi

    I attended Fort Augustus Abbey in 80s where I suffered. See we have similar experiences, I’m currently struggling in every way possible.

    • Hello,

      Are you receiving any help, support or encouragement from anyone?

      Is there a group from Fort Augustus Abbey, who have had similar experiences and that can work together and support you and each other?

      Keep in touch,


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