A Message from Aidan (Dono) Donovan

Hi guys,

just a short note to say a huge thanks for all the best wishes and kind thoughts that have reached me, and for so many of you who have been to visit me here at Meadbank.

If any of you want to send a message via the blog, my family will make sure I get to see the messages. It is a great source of strength to me to know that even after all these years, the MOBS are still in touch.

Kind Regards to all

Aidan (Dono) Donovan

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7 responses to “A Message from Aidan (Dono) Donovan

  1. Hello Dono,

    Thanks for your post.

    It is good to read that you are keeping in touch, not only by some of the Mirfield Old Boys visiting you at Meadbank, but also by accessing the blog.

    It is reassuring and encouraging – and I am sure I speak for all MOBS – to know, that you are finding the blog “a great source of strength.”
    There will be – I am sure – some ‘old boys’ (myself included) who will want to use the blog as a means of communicating with you.

    Kindest regards and warmest memories and wishes.

    Thinking of you.


  2. Hi Dono it was great seeing you with spud last week. It was such a laugh and between the three of us we were able to conjure up a million memories in a glorious 4 hours .Hope to see you again in January Frankie

  3. Dear Aidan

    I wrote a long blog today – a yarn- not sure if it has posted correctly. I started with a greeting, very brief, to you and some other MOBsters. I hope it goes up and that you read it. It’s about Russell,s campaign against long hair.

    I think I am coming to an understanding of how our Mirfield days shaped our lives. I have more work to do on this, and I wish you well.

  4. Hi Dono,
    Its Tony here (JEZZ) , I have been in quite regular contact with Tony Rowe who i know has visited you recently in the hospice. I have some wonderful memories of you ‘back in the day’ in Mirfield. , Alot of us being into the music, you were the Rod Steward fan and i was the Bowie trailblazer!! Spud was into Led Zep and lent me one on his Albums which i duly scratched.. (dont tell him,) We always managed to joke and laugh which was a real help in what was a pretty regimented lifestyle and austere time, we certainly were a unique set of lads thrown together and well out of thier comfort zone.. One recollection I have is that you fancied one of the nuns who worked in the kitchen…? The Levels of desperation we had must have been really incredible at that time, as i cant remember any lookers amongs them, but hey.?anything in a skirt i guess..? and in between the Latin, History lessons from Steni & Ched , i remember we played a lot of football , yes I certainly recall being kicked few times by you, (Peter Osgood couldn’t have done a better job!!) , . Just to let you know you are in my thoughts during this time Wishing you all the very best dear friend !! ..Tony (Jezz..)

  5. Hi Dono,
    Best wishes. Hope you got my letter. Tony Rowe and John McGovern have been letting me know how you are doing. Take care.
    Tony Walsh

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