Aidan B. ——— “I wonder if anyone recalls me?”


I’m wondering if my email can please be posted on the blog/website?

My name is Aidan, I was at Mirfield for a year in 1966. My problem is that I have so few memories of that experience and anything before it. There is a blackness when I try to think about it but I feel that it’s an emotion rather than a thought. I recall few people and cannot put faces to anyone really. Reading through the various posts I recognise names. I was in the same dormitory as Eamon Crowe and a boy called Ian. I remember travelling by train with a boy called Michael. he got off a tDurham and I continued to Newcastle. I recall Fr Hicks. I certainly recall Fr Valmaggio as I was often in the infirmary with asthma. I recall Stenico and Latin, I think.

I am hoping i can be provided with some facts. I believe that the infirmary and Valmaggio’s clinic were in the old building. Were they on the top floor? I ask because of the few memories I have, I recall a frightening attic. I can see African things in there but it’s not a happy memory that I have. I went back to Mirfield a few years ago to see if I could try to gain some memories. It didn’t work. I did see a new slanting roof.

I wonder if anyone recalls me?

What was the name of the rector please? What did Father Wade look like?

Many thanks and best wishes

Aidan B

4 responses to “Aidan B. ——— “I wonder if anyone recalls me?”

  1. Hi Aidan,
    Eamon Crowe here I think I remember you. The year must have been 1967 as myself and the chap you are thinking about Ian didn’t start until Sept ’67. His name was Ian Hyndman from Johnstone. Aidan if I had your surname it would help place you. Get back to me and hopefully I can fill in a few blanks.

  2. Hi Aidan,
    You are indeed right about all the details re the infirmary and Fr Valmaaggio . Fr Stenico taught maths Fr Cerea taught latin. Fr Wade was from York he was skinny with very pale skin and dark heavy complexion sometimes he grew a beard.. He taught religious instruction.Fr John Fraser was more than likely the rector from Glasgow. With Fr Robert or Bob Hicks as vice -rector from Belfast. If my memory serves me correctly I remember a boxing match between George Blair and your good self!!David and Goliath does that ring any bells?

  3. Hi Aidan the rector was Fraser and Father Wade to my recollection was an englishman, he had black hair, slim build and he had a very pronounce five o’clock shadow. I never found him to have much of a sense of humour.

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