Martin Millar Says

Martin Millar says:

Quite a few of us were able to attend Aidan’s funeral on Thursday. Again, an important demonstration of the importance of this blog. For the record, I saw Ambrose Mulroy, Denis Flanagan, Gus Murray, Andy Malarky, John McGovern, Kevin Degnan, Kevin Scullin, Paul Towie, Paul Felix and Mark Kennedy. Apologies if I have overlooked any other MOBsters who were there.

The service was moving and comforting, in the best Catholic tradition. But more than this, it was a joyful occasion, due in large part to Aidan’s brother Dave and his celebratory eulogy. I learned interesting things about a very full life, rich itself in humour and conveyed both vividly and sardonically by a witty story-teller. One Top Man talking about another, now sadly gone.

Thank you Sian, Ryan, Bethany, Dave and the other brother whom I didn’t meet.
Your warmth was endearing and full of love. I thought long and hard on my way back to Oxford. Love is really the only point of living. I am smiling as I finish this thinking of all the people I met and looking at Aidan’s photo.

4 responses to “Martin Millar Says

  1. Thanks Martin for your post.

    I was not able to be at Aiden’s funeral.

    However, it is good to know that other friends that Aiden knew from Mirfield, took part and were there.

    It is clear from what you say in your post, that the service was not only moving and comforting, but also a true celebration of Aiden’s full and rich life.
    “Love is the only point of living,” you wrote in your post – I find that, not only thought provoking but also true.


  2. Good on you Martin for your caring and insightful take on Aidan’s life. I never knew Aiden but he sounds as though he has made a great impression on you all. Regards Ben

  3. I was a classmate of Aidens from form 1 in Mirfield right through to the 2 years in Sunningdale where we commuted everyday to a “normal” school in Chertsey.
    I always admired him somehow even when we were 12 years old…We never were close friends but looking back that was probably down to me.He always struck me as an even tempered guy and i have no memories of him ever getting pissed off ,or at least expressing it out loud.
    He was the hip one who in Sunningdale had the first Rod Stewart solo record and also the first of us to get a girlfriend in the Chertsey school…he never had to ask any of us not to blab about that,He also sported the first “mullet” that i had ever seen…yes it was cool in 1974…haha.
    I came to West Berlin in 1985 and used to listen to British Forces Radio
    Hey presto a couple of years later he was also there as a local D,J.
    I nearly choked on my bacon and eggs when he announced himself.
    Unfortunatly he was posted to Belize i think before we could meet up.
    I really wanted to show him West Berlin outside the cocoon of the Army but it never happened..
    Anyway old pal I am sure you are onto other adventures now so till then…Peter

  4. Hi martin thankyou for the thoughts on aiden donovan’s passing. …I’d also like to say thankyou for being kind to us junior seminarians when I attended st peter claver …I temember many things but one in particular was a time when about 4 of us were laid up with some bug in our dorm danny hartwell chris speight john ghadiali and myself feelin pretty miserable and you came in with yr guitar and sang a few songs for us sky boat song remains vivid in my memory …never forgot it thankyou charles young

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