Fr Charles thank you from Degs

I sat down tonight to post some of my thoughts but I was astounded by the latest post by Fr Charles Ramsey .What can I say? .
I have met Fr Charles briefly on the seafront at Llandudno and Mark had spoken to me of his help and friendship over the past few years. To be honest I had thought that these were token gestures. How could a local parish priest, who had only known Mark and his family for a relatively short time, give such genuine support and understanding when the order that we were all part of have done the reverse.
Damage limitation has been the order of the day , no admissions just denial, lay fault anywhere except on your own doorstep.
The abused need to be believed !! , for once they are, then and only then will the abuse end. On the grape vine (yes it works both ways ) I have heard that the order think that the abused are driven by the hope of financial compensation. I have come to the conclusion that the inaction of the order ,the reluctance to talk is driven to protect their own material wealth.
From my understanding the abused sought only closure. The inaction of the order has forced the issue ,once the ball starts to roll it must run its course.
Fr Charles you cannot imagine the effect you post will have and I myself owe you an apology. You are indeed a man of principle I wish you all the best.

Kevin Deignan

2 responses to “Fr Charles thank you from Degs

  1. Dear MOBsters

    Kevin’s comment about Father Charles’ statement says it all. There is hope for all of us that sense will prevail and that the Verona Fathers hierarchy will do the right thing by all of the boys abused while in their care.

    Love to all

    Martin Millar, MOB 68-72

  2. If there are those in the order who think that people are financially motivated then they will say nothing on legal advice. Ditto no comment about the allegations. To advise your client to say nothing is standard legal practice.

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