4 responses to “Peabod’s God Squad

  1. I .wasn’t it Peabod’s Oddbod Godsquad (motto Jeshash looves you)? I heard stories of offers to wash boys in the showers and the like. Father Romano I believe was the generous minded prospective washer . Before my time but the stories survived into my year. I’m not outing any former members….

  2. Thanks Tony for you comment.

    As far as I am aware, the Juniors Seminarians that were in the prayer group – referred to, by some, as Pebod’s God Squad – were never offered assistance when showering.

    I have heard, however, that before I arrived at Mirfiled in 1969, some lads were assisted, or at least had assistance offered to them, when they where in the shower.

  3. My recall is that Romano arrived a bit later than sept 69 which is when i arrived…Tony is right(Hi Walshy!) in that i remember it also being called Peabody,s Oddball Godsquad and that you and your brother belonged to it. ,i may be mistaken. Rumours were abound with stories of flagellation and razorblades carving crosses onto chests!!!.,I vividly recall Romano coming down the stairs to the shower while the juniors were in there…I had finished and was going past him up the stairs…I didn,t think anymore of it at the time but of course heared rumours afterwards of what he did.while he offered to wash somebody in the style of Jesus washing feet..
    Crazy to think about how i took it all in my stride as it never affected me personally…

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