It happened to thousands.

Innocent lonely children looking and responding to warped affection and love by adults they respected or were forced to respect.

Later, it crawls or sneaks back into your life, and it catches you up.

No matter how good and clever you have become in pushing it back; getting on with your life; wearing many different masks; sooner or later, it is there in front and not behind.
Running away, keeping the thoughts and memories behind is too difficult. Run back? — No, you have already been there.

It is in front and you have to decide what next.

You either stop dead or meet it head on. It is more than difficult, it is destroying, it brings back the frightening and the despairing moments, and especially if you feel alone.

They become alive and part of you again – they are no longer historical, they are alive and in all parts of your life and your family’s life.

It is so sad.

3 responses to “IT CATCHES YOU UP

  1. I understand what is said. The only way to get over this in my opinion is to have expert counselling by the people from sexual abuse counselling centre it helped me immensely. And the second thing is to get an admission of guilt and have a campaign to expose these people.

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