The Civil case has finished – both mine and my friends. We are able to move on. There is, if I want to grasp it, a freedom now that allows me to say: “listen to me.” “This is what you did.” “This is how you avoided the truth.” Lawyers are no longer involved. This is how we feel now. The Combonis have had opportunities to a dialogue that could free them, and also free many others. They have not been able to do it. I suspect clericalism is too powerful a force in their life. Perhaps it is like a drug that they cannot give up. I would like to know. I have a right to know. My family have a right to know. We all have a right to know.

2 responses to “A RIGHT TO KNOW

  1. Are any Verona Fathers able to say what, if anything, they would have done differently when dealing with the victims of abuse at Mirfield.

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