Father Romano Nardo Saying Mass – 2008 by GSK

Prata di Pordenone), June 24, 2008


XVII Festa Medievale di S. Giovanni 2008 XVII Medieval Feast of St. John in 2008

Inaugurazione dei restauri della Chiesa di San Giovanni Unveiling of the restored Church of St. John Vespro – (con i cori parrocchiali di Prata, Villanova, Maron, Visinale e Puia) Vespers – (with parish choirs of Prata, Villanova, Maron, Visinale and Puia) “Santa Messa, col proprio di San Giovanni” “Mass, with his St. John” Cantata dalla Cappella Altoliventina diretta da Sandro Bergamo Performed by Cappella Altoliventina directed by Sandro Bergamo

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3 responses to “Father Romano Nardo Saying Mass – 2008 by GSK

  1. I believe that in 2006 Mark Murray was informed by Father John Clark that Father Romano Nardo would always stay in the Verona Comboni Hosital. looking after the sick Comboni Fathers.

    Father Roano Nardo was saying mass and also taking part in shows that represented the Combonis.

    In the show writte below. Nardo has been chosen for being a Comboni that has worked in Uganda

    Avis Aido for special anniversaries and celebrations at the start with a show
    PRATA. Volunteering is cheering at Prata. They make round anniversaries of the founding two associations rooted in the territory, such as Avis (fifty) and Aido (thirty).

    To celebrate the occasion, the municipal sections of Avis, Aido and Admo, in collaboration with the cultural association altoliventina XX Century, the Music & show band majorettes, the Cultural Center Concannon, the tourist center youthful Kennedy, the parish Saint Lucia, the Pro loco Saint Lucia and the patronage of the Municipality, have devised a series of initiatives that will fill the entire month of June.

    It starts tomorrow with the inauguration of documentary and photographic exhibition ‘Da Prata in the world, for a solidarity without borders.

    “At 11, the exhibition gallery of square Meyer, opens its doors to the exhibition that pays tribute to Prato that have become the protagonists of activities Volunteering abroad.

    At the center of the exhibition father James Biasotto (Comboni in the Democratic Republic of Congo), Daniela Bortolin (educator in Peru with the association Mato Grosso), and Maurizio Maurizio Buosi Marcon (in the refugee camp of Nova Gorica with ‘The association broom), Ivan Losego (animator in Ecuador and Bolivia with the Pem), Ermanno Maccan (orthopedist in the Dominican Republic), Gianfranco Martin (mason in Russia and in Mozambique with the Alpini),

    Sister Clara Nardo (nurse in Bethlehem , Kenya, Egypt and Sudan), Father Romano Nardo (Comboni missionary in Uganda),

    Giuliano Novaretti (orthopedic in Tanzania and Ethiopia), Rino Santarossa (collaborating institutions for bodies of war and addicts Medjougorje), the family Scodellaro (founder of an association pro Bolivian childhood), Andrea and Eliana Tolot (animators in Albania), Nicola and Dania Tolot (animators in Brazil and Albania), Domenico Zanette and other volunteers Unitalsi to Lourdes, Gianna Zanette (anesthetist in Albania, Nepal and Kenya). The exhibition will remain open until June 30: Admission is free. (Gb)
    June 6, 2009 sez.

  2. Actually it was far easier to read in the original Italian rather than the Google translation (due to Fr. Stenico’s good work very many tears ago!)

    • lol..I liked old Makee(Ma Que?) He didn,t speak English very well and had this kind of slow motion way of showing his teeth in a snarl when some boy wasn,t being serious enough,Then he would say”Ma Que” while he apposed his fingers and thumb and waggling his hand in that Italian way…..

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