Why is it Difficult to Apologise

Even though I  did not catch any fish today, I have had a good day fly fishing.


As much as I try to forget about the abuse that happened to me at Mirfield,   the consequences of the abuse are never far from my  mind.

Such thoughts were with me today.

Why is it difficult for Father Sanchez to admit and apologise for  the abuse that happened to many children at Mirfield.

They, the Comboni Order, must realise – or perhaps they are so far removed from reality that they do not – the pain and suffering they are causing to many, and not  only to those who were abused at Mirfield  – to others as well.

Sexual abuse of chidren has a way of spreading its poisonous tentacles far and wide. When the abused are adults the people around them also suffer, even if they do not know or understand the reasons for the persons unhappiness or  depression.

Answer the questions  Father Sanchez. Your answer, even if I, or others,  do not agree with the answer, it would be an answer – that is one answer more than you have given so far.

Your silence in the matter of abuse speaks volumes. Your comment:  “I am sorry but there is nothing else I can do, ”  is not an honest and truthful response. That is not an answer. That is an insult.

How do you think the abuse that I, and many others,  experienced at Mirfield has affected not only the abused, but also the family of those who were abused.

Father  Sanchez, why is it so difficult for you to talk with us.

Sanchez, I do not know how you and some of your confreres  sleep at night.

Mark Murray






One response to “Why is it Difficult to Apologise

  1. They will sleep at night they do not read the blog. people read the potings and the comments. These people will pass the potings to people.
    It is good what you are doing.Friends and priests think it is good. What has happened to you is not right.

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