We Hammered England — by Frank McGinnis

On a lighter note from our time at Comboni Missionaries in Mirfield. For whatever reason, they allowed us to have a senior football match between a combined Scotland/Ireland select & England. It was held on St Georges Day (whoever he is) in 1967. We hammered England 6-5. It was a massacre. I hit the English crossbar from the halfway line (I swear I did). I was wondering if any English guys remember those events as I do ? šŸ™‚ Frank McGinnis.

2 responses to “We Hammered England — by Frank McGinnis

  1. I am sure I remember something like this. I can’t help think though Frank you have some fanciful embellishments going on in your head though. Firstly knowing that we played with a ball that was often sodden with rain which made it tens times heavier how on hell did you kick it from the half way line and hit the crossbar. The ball was so heavy it had the potential to knock you out!

  2. Great to hear from you Ben. Yes there were many who called it a fluke, only modesty prevents me extending the distance even further. I do admit I told my kids I had actually scored but lets keep that between ourselves. I remember we used to blame John Maher for the condition of the ball on those wet days. At least our memories are better than those Comboni Missionaries Father Fraser and Father Hicks. Frank

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