Father Valmaggia-like Paedophile Doctor gets 22 years

Comboni Missionaries

(Missionari Comboniani)

Dr Myles Bradbury has just been given 22 years in jail for abusing his young patients. They had put their trust in him and he had abused them. This sounds similar to what Father Domenico Valmaggia of the Comboni MIssionaries got up to.

It seems that Myles Bradbury used to give the young patients genital inspections, no matter what they had. This reminds one of Father Valmaggia who gave one boy a genital inspection when he had flu.

It seems that he abused 18 children who were in his care. Like Bradbury, Valmaggia’s victims were legion and carried out on the same basis – that he was carrying out a medical inspection. Father Valmaggia was in charge of the Comboni Missionaries  Infirmary at St Peter Claver College seminary in Mirfield.

Grotesque Breach of Trust

The judge told Bradbury that his offences were a “gross and grotesque breach of trust”. Father Valmaggia’s offences were the same breach of trust perpetrate d on 11-14 year-ol boys to whom he had a duty of care – like Bradbury.

Bradbury has admitted 41 offences of voyeurism and sexual assault. In many ways his offences don’t seem even as bad as the monster Valmaggia’s. The judge said that Bradbury had casued psychological harm to his victims – just like Valmaggia.

Said one boy of Bradbury:-

“Instead of checking just my joints, he’d want to check my whole body. He’d make me strip down. He focused on my private parts.” This was exactly like Valmaggia. In fact Valmaggia went even further than this vile doctor.

Bradbury admitted 6 counts of sexual assault and 13 counts of engaging in sexual activity with a child. He also admitted 3 counts of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and one count of voyeurism and two counts of making indecent images of a child.

Comboni Missionaries Man

With Valmaggia forcibly masterbating unwilling seminarians between 11 and 14 and washing their genitals one might conclude that Valmaggia was worse.

So, why was this monster Father Valmaggia, “That evil man” as Fr Robert Hicks called him, never reported to the UK police? He was indulging in the same activities that has just got a British Doctor 22 years in jail?

Why did the Comboni Missionaries, and those who ran the order, decide that the appropriate punishment was to send him to work as Provincial Bursar in Sunnigdale, one of London’s leafier suburbs and part of the stockbroker belt.

That showed him, didn’t it?

Living Out His Life

And why was the allowed to live the rest of his life in a parish in the diocese of Como in Italy till he died, aged 94 in 2011? Why did the Comboni Missionaries protect this monster? Why did they also protect Father John Pinkman, another monster and serial absuer of boys as young as 11? They were told about him several times. Why was he given a Mass of Celebration at the Mirfield seminary when he died, in the chapel just yards from where he abused many boys and ruined their lives?

And why is Father Enrique Sanchez the Superior General of the Comboni Missionaries refusing to allow the West Yorkshire Police permission to question that other monster, Father Roman Nardo, who serially abused Mark Murray and other boys over a period of many months?

It’s about time that the Comboni MIssionaries got back to what they were set up to do and that was to save souls – and not saving monsters who abused, and permanently damaged little boys in their care as young as 11, from the UK police.

Don Enrique Sanchez, do the right thing. Let the UK police interview Father Romano Nardo.

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