Thank you Father Martin Devenish

Comboni Missionaries (Missionari Comboniani)

I recently wrote a letter to the Father General of  the Comboni Missionaries asking to meet Father Romano Nardo   or the Father General, Father Enrique Sanchez.

I wanted a different reply than the one I received .

The reply, i received, stated that I  could  not meet Romano Nardo as his mental state is still  too fragile.

I have wanted, and requested,  for many years,  to meet my abuser, Father Romano Nardo

If that had been made possible in 2001,  when I requested such a meeting, through a letter I wrote  to Father Martin Devenish, the then Father Provincial, I would not be writing this now.

Comboni Missionaries Blog

This blog  would not exist,  and the sordid abuse that happened at Mirfield would, also possibly,  not now be out in the public domain.

I am, now able to say to  Father Martin Devenish, that I am glad you responded in the way you did.

Because of your inaction to my letter, then in 2001, you have enabled,  and you have empowered, many people to have the  courage to speak out about their suffering and abuse at Mirfield.

The Blog exists because of your refusal to accept and have honest and truthful, dialogue with me.

Father Martin Devenish

I never thought I would say  this: “thank you, Father Martin Devenish.”

You have always offered me and my family prayers. But those prayers Father Martin  Devenish are hard to accept. I cannot embrace such prayers.

The prayers, because of your past actions are empty. And how dare you offer me prayers when  you have no idea of my religious beliefs or non religious beliefs.

I am sure there are many people that are now able to thank you for your inaction in 2001. You should feel good that there are now many people that, have for the first time, been able to talk and write about the abuse that happened to them at Mirfield.

Mark Murray

If I can not meet up with father Romano Nardo, I would still be willing to meet Father David Glenday and Superior General Father Enrique Sanchez.

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