Comboni Missionaries | Do they have no shame? Have they no Conscience?

Comboni Missionaries

I don’t know about other readers but it fills me with anger to hear how this Boy X’s life was ruined by a serial child rapist and paedophile priest. See the article below Comboni Missionaries – They still control me. I’m still at Mirfield

To think that the Comboni Missionaries won’t even apologise for the abuse and the cover up, which goes up to the highest levels of the Comboni Missionaries.

Indeed Missioneros Combonianos don’t even admit it happened. Callously, they even say that paying those abused out was just a bean count, It was the cheapest option.

Boy X hasn’t even claimed aginst them.

I remember a psychologist who once said that when a bad thing happens to you when you are a 12 year old, you close down that part of your personality. While the rest of your personality develops into adulthood, some aspects of your personality, which have been surpressed and locked away, don’t grow at all. Parts of your personality stay as just a 12-year-old.

This is what appears to be the case with Boy X.

Boy X’s Suffering

Boy X needs to somehow unlock that door and let the supressed parts of his personality out, so that they too can grow up as well, and he can become an all round adult.

As he says, he is still at Mirfield and feels that he will be there forever, locked up there by what happened to him.

We wish him well!

Comboni Missionaries Holy Men

As for those rapers of 11-14 year old boys, and those who are still covering it up, and saying that it never happened…… could they? How can they?

And they are out there every day acting as ‘holy men’ lecturing Catholics on their morals.

As Jesus once said “By their followers ye shall know them”.

I wonder what Jesus would have made of priests who committed statutory rape on little boys.

I wonder what Jesus would have thought about those who covered it up and who protect statutory rapists and paedophiles from the clutches of the UK police.

To read about Boy X’s abuse at the hands of Comboni Missionary Paedophiles click on Boy X’s Story of Abuse

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