We will never know what happened at Mirfield

A spokesman for the Comboni Missionaries expressed “great sadness and regret” at the allegations and added: “Given the passage of time of almost half a century we will never know the truth of what happened.”


How dare they. How dare they call us liars.

The Comboni Missionaries, the Comboni Fathers: Father Robert Hicks, Father John Clark, Father John Fraser, Father John Downey and many more, know,  and knew,  that sexual abuse happened at Mirfield. Children went to them and told them that they, or their friends,  were being abused.

They know that the abuse that happened  by priests  at Roe Head  was then covered up. They know that  the priests that abused children were moved on to other positions. Positions where they would not cause concerns or problems for those that moved them.

Comboni Fathers:   talk; have dialogue; reflect and use the reflection to move forward. Where is your God in  this. Where is your empathy. Where is your humility. Why do you think I am writing this. Answer that question – why am I writing this. Are you so afraid. Are you so proud. Do you not  realise that acceptance of what happened at Mirfield means much more than my words.

Your actions have destroyed so many people’s faith.


Mark Murray

One response to “We will never know what happened at Mirfield

  1. Pastoral care for the victims of abuse – or listening to lawyers advice and ignoring the abused.

    If you where a holy man what would be most important.

    Where is the pastoral and spiritual care from the Comboni Missionaries towards those that were abused by their priests.

    This is on a high agenda in Pope Francis’s Vatican.

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