Father Robert Hicks – “It is all about money”

The Comboni Missionaries, will, at some time,  have to enter into an honest and meaningful dialogue with men who were abused, as children, at Mirfield. It is difficult to find a word that can describe  the Comboni Missionaries in relation to their lack of any truthful response to the Mirfield Blog  and   to the abuse that took place at Mirfield.

The only  response that I am aware of   is from Father Robert Hicks.

Father Robert Hicks  was visited,  in Sunnigdale,  last year,   by a man that was abused as a child at Mirfield.  Father Robert Hicks used the well known hand sign of rubbing his thumb and forfinger together as a means  of  indicating that all we –  that is, those that were sexually abused at Mirfield  – were concerned  with,  was money.

How sad. Find words to describe it –  It is difficult.

Mark Murray

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