Comboni Missionaries to be Compelled to Appear at Abuse Inquiry

Comboni Missionaries Abuse Enquiry

Religious Orders, where clerical sexual abuse took place, are to be included in the remit of the Independent Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse. This is to include the Comboni Missionaries, formerly known as the Verona Fathers. They will be compelled to appear.

There was a worry that, because they don’t report to the Bishop, the Comboni Missionaries could not be forced to appear in front of the committee.

However, that has now been shown to be unfounded. There will be statutory powers to compel all those living in England and Wales to appear before the Independent Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse.

International Cooperation Used

This would exclude those living in Scotland and other countries. However, other powers to compel based on European or international cooperation could be used when individuals were outside the inquiry’s jurisdiction.

This would mean that that those that live in England like Father Martin Devenish and Father Robert Hicks could be compelled to appear befor the Inquiry.

I’m sure that Scotland has good enough relations with England to allow Father john Fraser to be compelled to appear.

Independent Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse

As a fellow EU member, I’m sure Italy would have no objections for the Inquiry to compel Father Enrique Sanchex, Father David Glenday and Father Romano Nardo to appear.

The Comboni Missionaries, in the form of Padre Enrique Sanchez, have said that Father Nardo is not mentally fit enough to come to the UK to answer questions from the UK police, who accuse him of abuse.

However, it would be much more difficult for the the Comboni Missionaries to turn down a request for Fr Nardo to appear before the panel. Better proof of his mental state would be needed.

It looks as if the wheel will finally be coming full circle and the Comboni Missionaries are going to be confornted about the sexual abuse of boys as young as eleven by their priests and for the cover up, going to the very highest levels of the order.

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