Father Robert Hicks Kills Another Dog

Father Robert Hicks Disembowels Puppy Dog

In regards to the “Hanging of the Dog” this was not the only time that the Reverend Father Robert Hicks had been involved in killing a dog..

In another case, Father Robert Hicks was involved, allegedly, in killing a puppy, that belonged to another Mirfield Priest.

It seems, that Father Robert Hicks used the puppy to vent his anger at a group of boys, who let us say, were not fully behind the IRA, and what they believed in.

The group of boys in question, tended to have an allegiance to, and support for, the British Government in relation to Northern Ireland and the war that was taking place there.

Bloody Sunday for Puppy Dog

It was a day after the Bloody Sunday Massacres and Hicks wanted to make a point. He took a group of Brits, supportive lads, to the farm barn and in front of them hung the dog – a puppy dog – when it was still alive, he disembowelled the puppy in front of the lads.

Some of the lads were sick, some urinated in their pants out of shock and some ran away.

Remember these lads were only twelve and thirteen years old.

I know personally that this action by the very Reverent Father Hicks has had a deep and lasting effect on at least one of the lads that witnessed it.

Mark Murray

Editor’s Note:- We were not sure about publishing this story. However, it has now been corroborated by two other people.

2 responses to “Father Robert Hicks Kills Another Dog

  1. I remember this ,I was one of those lads,My memory though is that the little dog had been drowned first in the water tank next to the pigsty and that it was one of the litter from “Brandy” and”Whisky”,who belonged to Frs,Murtagh and Mc(something).I still remember the sound as he ripped the skin off from the head downwards like tearing off wallpaper
    I wasn,t aware until now about his motive.All i remember is that he sold it as an
    Anatomie in vivo” lesson in his capacity as Biology teacher

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