The Comboni Missionaries Paedophilia Apology Will Come

Comboni Missionaries Apology

It will come,

it will come.

It may not be by the current leaders of the Comboni Missionaries Order, whose hands are steeped in cover-up, but by a new generation of Comboni Missionaries who are not tainted by the paedophila and the cover-ups of the past.

David Cameron apologised for Bloody Sunday. Previous generations of Conservatives would not have, as they were involved in the cover-up. It will be the same here when a new generation takes over.

The current generation will not be well-remembered within the Order. They will be seen as part of an ugly past and a blight on the good name of the Order. The current leadership will be consigned to the dustbin of history by the members of their own Order.

Future Generations

They will be an embarassment to future generations of Comboni Missionaries who will condemn them and their activities and who will seek to turn the corner after a shameful past.

What sort of people would not react angrily when confronted by the fact that young boys as youg as 11, in the care of the Comboni Missionaries, were serially abused by a multiple of priests in the Order over a couple of decades.

I would like to see them meet the parents (those still alive) who sent away their young sons into their care so that they would become priests.

I’d like to hear them tell the parents why they covered up the abuse on their young sons and gave them no help afterwards. I’d like to hear them tell the parents why some of their sons were sent away, with their vocations destroyed, in order to cover up rampant paedophilia in the Order.

Apology Will Come

However, future generations of Comboni Missionaries will apologise for them, i.e. for the paedophiles and for those who covered it up.

No matter what else they have achieved in their careers at the Verona Fathers, no matter how high they have risen, after they have gone, their lives will be remembered for their cover up of the paedophile priests.

Indeed – no one will want to remember them at all.

Why would that not make them angry? it makes everyone else angry.

The apology will come!

The apology will come!

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