I’m Behind You says Mirfield Legend Jim Coffey

Jim Coffey

I have just seen and signed the petition, of which I was unaware – better late than never I suppose.

I have followed the brilliant, regular updates by you and so many others and finally get around to adding my tuppenceworth.

I was at Mirfield from 1960 when the college opened until 1966 when I progressed to Sunningdale, finally leaving in 1969.

I have always regarded my Mirfield days as essentially happy ones and a very formative time in my long and interesting life.

To now find that, like many other memories this, too, is devalued and corrupted by terrible events and cover-ups is to say the least a major blow.

Full Moral Support

I could go on but probably this is enough for the moment, except perhaps to say that you and Mark and Brian and all the others have my full moral support in your efforts to achieve apologies, compensation and – in whatever way possible – reconciliation.

I particularly appreciate the appeals for happy Mirfield memories and will try to respond in due course.

One response to “I’m Behind You says Mirfield Legend Jim Coffey

  1. Good to hear from you Jim.
    I recall you got the goalkeeper’s jersey a number of times for the seniors football team. I endorse your appeal for the happy memories of Mirfield which, in my aging old mind, far outnumber the sad ones.
    In case this reply has the moniker of ‘winonpens’ ( a reference to my L.F.C. allegiance) I am Martin Leo Murphy, probably remembered as Muff. Mirfield 64-69

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