First Contact with Jim Kirby

First Contact

I put my name down with Friends Reunited for St. Peter Claver’s College, Mirfield.

It’s funny but I always thought that I would be in touch with those I’d met at the college again. I don’t know why I thought that as there was no internet in those days and I had completely lost touch with all of those who didn’t live in the same town as me. In fact, Id’ lost touch with even some of those who lived in Greenock.

But I knew I would be in touch with them again.

Jim Kirby

There were a few emails exchanged through Friends Reunited but the first major contact was when I arranged to talk to Jim Kirby on the phone.

He had actually been in the year above me and, to be honest, I didn’t really remember anything about him beyond his name.

However, when I talked to him on the phone it was my first real contact with anyone from that past life for around 35 years.

It was great talking to him.

The last time we had spoken man hadn’t yet landed on the moon, Celtic hadn’t won the European Cup and the Beatles hadn’t released Sergeant Pepper.

Those events were now quite ancient history and yet they hadn’t occurred last time we had met.

3 responses to “First Contact with Jim Kirby

  1. My first renewed contact with others from Mirfield came in 2012, a gap of 45 years. Having 10 thumbs I was not a big fan of computers or the Internet. My daughter helped me & soon we found the Blog. Mark & Degs both replied to my first nervous post in the most warm & welcoming terms. These guys were at Mirfield after my time, so didn’t know me. They let me know that I was amongst friends again. Can never thank them enough for that & for having the Blog in place. I’m sure there are more lost sheep out there. I’ve met many old faces these past couple of years. It’s been great. Kindest regards to all. Frank McGinnis

  2. Thanks Frank for your kind words.

    It was good to make contact with you and many others through the Blog.


  3. The responses to the blog have certainly had a huge impact on me. From helping and supporting a single friend,I now find myself supporting a group that I feel priveleged to be associated with.
    We have also had contact from lads (I use the term loosely)who just wanted to let us know that it has helped them realise that they are not alone. It has been this contact that I have received in confidence that I can base an informed opinion of the order, which is well documented in the blog.
    The blog is an open forum and everyone is entitled to express their opinion this will lead to an open debate, however I am yet to read anything that will change my opinion so far.
    All the best to all

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