CSA Inquiry begins. A personal view, by Frank McGinnis.

CSA Inquiry begins. A personal view, by Frank McGinnis.

I welcome the news that Judge Goddard’s Inquiry is finally able to commence. I should stress that my welcome is not a triumph of my optimism over realism. The British Establishment is funding the investigation into, what will primarily be, it’s own behavior. (He who pays the Piper calls the Tune). That other institutions will be scrutinised is of particular interest to ourselves who at various times attended the Verona Fathers seminary at Mirfield. I especially welcome the following:

The Inquiry wants to hear from anyone who was sexually abused as a child in an institutional setting.
The Inquiry will actively encourage victims & survivors to come forward to testify at public hearings. (anonymously if required)
The Inquiry wants to hear from anyone who reported abuse that was then not properly acted upon.
Institutions whose actions are called into question will be required to disclose relevant information & provide witnesses.
The Inquiry will investigate the role/advice of insurance companies in the handling of reports of their clients abuse. (I suggest that the Catholic Church Insurance Association have much to consider in this area).

It may be that this Inquiry will succeed in convincing our priests, politicians, entertainers and law enforcement agencies that sexually abusing children is wrong. That they should need such enlightenment shall no doubt remain a mystery to the rest of society.

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