Move On Forget About Your Abuse

There are some people who think that those abused at Mirfield should now get on with their life.


Accept or forget what happened  to you as children and move on.

 I suspect, that the Comboni Missionaries – and maybe some non Combonis – want that to be the case.

Perhaps they are thinking, and hoping, that the Blog has served its purpose.

 It, the blog,  has highlighted the abuse that took place to children at the Comboni seminary at Mirfield, so now, close it  down –  or use it as a medium to remember the good times. Why carry on writing about the abuse that happened there.

 The blog has always been there for the Mirfield experiences of many – happy and sad.

 Many, that have posted and written comments on the blog have done so for the empowerment of themselves, more so, than wanting others to read what they had to say.

 The blog has enabled others to confront and to not to feel alone with their past.

 They write on the blog  just as much for themselves  as for those that read it.

For some people that may be hard to understand. I know it will be for the ‘big people’ – the Superior and the Vice Superior that I met on my recent visit to the Comboni Missionary house in Verona.


Mark Murray

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