Sometimes it is good to laugh at ourselves

A couple of days ago I was reflecting on my time at Mirfield with the Verona Fathers (Comboni Missionaries). There was a couple of incidents which in hindsight made me both squirm and laugh at the same time. Squirm because what potential danger I put myself in and laugh because what else do you do when you realise you have made an absolute arse of yourself.

The first incident involved me and two other lads (I think one was Chris Lloyd) and we decided to go into the science lab (opposite the tuck shop). Armed with a Quink Ink bottle and not much intelligence we quickly located the hydrochloric acid and some granulated zinc. Incidentally we did not have a clue as to what would occur when you mix these two substances. We put the lid of the bottle back on and quickly the contents started to glow red. I ran out with it in my hand and it promptly blew up in the corridor. Not much chance of hiding this event. Wasn’t long before we found ourselves in Frasier’s office. For our stupidity we received the cane. Not sure of how many strokes. To this day I still cannot fathom how I did not lose a hand or a couple of fingers.Anybody else remember this event?

The second incident involved a horse that was kept in the field just below the football pitches. Myself and another couple of lads decided that we would attempt to ride away to a glorious future. I attempted to climb on to the horse. The horse reared up and I fell off and the horse’s hooves just missed my head! Any thoughts of galloping off was quickly stopped.

Let us know what mischief you all found yourself in.



2 responses to “Sometimes it is good to laugh at ourselves

  1. I also remember somebody buying fireworks during our community walks. They started to try construct one super firework by taking out the gunpowder from each one and combining into one. They informed people that they were going to set it off on the football pitch one night. I don’t remember it ever being let off. Does anybody else remember this

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