“Go Away”

The Catholic Church in Scotland has started a dialogue with the many adults that were abused as children by their priests.

The Catholic Church in Italy has not.

The Comboni Missionaries have not.

The Verona Fathers in the UK have not.

When I went to Verona to meet my priestly abuser I was told to “go away.”

“There is nothing here for you.”

“Move on.”

“I will pray for you.”

“You should have never been allowed in here.”

“Nardo has never been out since I have been the  superior here.”

“There is nothing as strong as prayer.”

“I will pray for you.”

How do you accept those prayers.


Mark Murray



One response to ““Go Away”

  1. I wasn,t sexually abused by those priests but I managed gradually to free myself from their religious brainwashing. I am glad that i started to see through those fairy stories that we had all been told by our families at Mirfield and i never needed them as a psychological crutch later in my life.On the contrary It was a great feeling of relief and even joy to discover that the people who were telling me ” the truth” about life and the universe and what it was all about were in fact mainly poor sad lonely individuals who drank too much ,had been themseves victims of the same brainwashing and could have benefited by having a woman in their life and therefore been more balanced in the head.

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