To The Comboni Missionaries, Why don’t you help ?

By  Frank McGinnis

Apology to begin with ?

How difficult would it be for the Comboni Missionaries to issue an apology to those who suffered sexual abuse at the hands of Fathers Pinkman, Valmaggia and Nardo ?. Ten minutes and your intention to do so could be emailing it’s way to us. Pope Francis has shown you the way. It may take a little courage, not anywhere near as much as we survivors of those wayward priests show every day.

Would it make a Difference ?

Oh yes, it would make a huge difference. The responsibility for what happened to us at Mirfield is not ours. We were children. The trust we placed in the Verona Fathers was betrayed. The responsibility rests solely with yourselves. The Order is accountable. We need you to accept you let us down, we need you to tell us you let us down. We need you to make a start in helping us to mend these broken lives.

Can God ever Approve of lies ?

The depraved actions of Fr Pinkman and the others were acts against the very God you otherwise serve. You protected these people, moved them around, you are hiding Fr Nardo in Verona today. This is not Gods work you do, to turn and look away while children are being damaged, to obstruct natural justice, to lie to save yourselves from scrutiny. The God you taught us about would certainly not approve of you washing your hands. He cannot be mislead. He would never condone His Church harming children, you know that.

10 responses to “To The Comboni Missionaries, Why don’t you help ?

  1. Hi There

    I have flitted about these pages for several years and obviously acknowledge the terrible abuse that occurred during the 60s/70s around Mirfield…but….and I write with a burden that is not as great of most of you guys but one I think that I should still share…and I do apologise right now for remaining anonymous but I have done so for over 30 years…but the abuse goes a bit further than you guys and into the 80s….Father Paul Hinchcliffe is a name I’m most surprised has not came up in any historical data….

  2. Hi Peter
    It is so good to hear from you. You are right, having checked our archives we don’t appear to have any data on Fr Hinchcliffe. It comes as no surprise however that the abuse continued into the 80s. We fully respect & understand your decision to remain anonymous, I myself did for 40+ years. We would greatly appreciate if you decide to share with us what you know about life at Mirfield in the 80s. We hear so little from the guys of that era. You are most welcome to contact us at any time & please do. We are a band of brothers. Should you wish to contact me privately & in confidence my email address is Hoping to hear from you again, very best wishes. Frank

    • Was his name Philip not Paul if this was the same guy as I knew as a student then he was a bit strange
      Was in charge of the infirmary for a while…… Is it me or is there a theme occurring here
      Will post more when I get time but for now all the best Peter
      Hope to see everyone at Telford
      Degs (

  3. Thanks for keeping us right on that Peter. It’s memory cells, they have a mind of their own. : )
    Kevin, sorry I’ll miss reunion at Telford. Give my regards to the guys, have a good time & give us a laugh on the blog with the antics. If everyone behaves we’ll just have to make stuff up. Frank

  4. Again my apologies guys….the memory is fine as much as it was Hinchcliffe or Hinchy but I was confusing the first name with Fr Paul Felix who was a hard but decent man in those days.

  5. Paul was convicted as a paedo. Philip did not carry on his career in the church. They were twins. Evil little bastards. I suffered for many years. Then I was wrongly accused. Career gone and these two have anonymity paid for by the state.

    • Police in Scotland deny that anyone ever complained ab Father Hinchcliffe contrary to what was put in this site.

      Today is 11/5/2020 and police still cannot find Hinchcliffe
      The Veronas will not tell them his address either.

      The peter above is Not me I Am Peter Murray

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