This is what the Pope said: “God Weeps’ for Victims of Priest Sexual Abuse”

Your Pope – the one you follow said: “God Weeps’ for Victims of Priest Sexual Abuse”

There was from the Pope:

  • no mention of:  “all you want is money” ( Vice Superior of your Mother House in Verona.(
  • no mention of: “they should move on”
  • no mention of: “they should forget what happened to them”
  • no mention of: “it all happened a long time ago”
  • no mention of: “there is no point in meeting with you”
  • no mention of: “you will be waiting in vain if you are waiting for an apology”  – Superior of your Mother House in Verona

There are many more….

Here is what the Pope did say:

Pope meets with sex-abuse victims, promises accountability

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Pope Francis met with victims of child sexual abuse Sunday on the final day of his U.S. visit and promised to hold accountable those responsible for the scandal in the church, delivering a powerful warning to American bishops accused of covering up for pedophile priests instead of reporting them to police

The pontiff disclosed the gesture of reconciliation at the start of a meeting with American bishops gathered in Philadelphia for a big rally on Catholic families.

But in a move that signaled a new effort by the church to redirect the discussion, the Vatican said not all five of the victims were abused by members of the clergy; some of the three women and two men had been victimized by family members or educators.

Francis praised the victims as “true heralds of mercy” who deserve the church’s gratitude for their “essential contribution” toward establishing the truth. Saying sex abuse in the church can no longer be kept a secret, he promised to “zealously” protect young people and see that “all those responsible are held accountable.”

The pope has agreed to create a new Vatican tribunal to prosecute bishops who failed to protect their flock by covering up for pedophile priests.

It was his second such meeting: Last summer he met at the Vatican with a group of victims of child-molesting priests.

But Francis and U.S. bishops have also argued that child molestation is a serious problem beyond the church, especially within families and in schools. The pope’s meeting with victims abused by people other than priests underscored that point.

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia has been hit hard by the scandal and has been the subject of repeated grand jury investigations, including one that accused it keeping on assignment more than three dozen priests facing serious abuse accusations. A monsignor was found guilty of endangering children by not removing pedophile priests, becoming the first American church official convicted of such an offense.

Victims’ groups had complained earlier in the week that Francis had neglected to address their plight when he congratulated bishops for their “courageous” and generous response to the scandal. Sunday’s meeting took place a day after the pope celebrated Mass with Justin Rigali, the cardinal who was archbishop in Philadelphia when the archdiocese was accused of sheltering pedophiles.

The Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, said the pope met with the survivors for a half-hour at the San Carlo Borromeo seminary. He said the pope prayed with them, listened to their stories and expressed his closeness in their suffering and his “pain and shame” in the case of those abused by priests.

“He renewed his commitment and that of the church so that victims are heard and treated with justice, that the guilty are punished and that the crimes of abuse are fought with efficient prevention efforts in the church and society,” Lombardi said in a statement. “The pope thanked the victims for their essential contribution to establish the truth and begin the path of healing.”

2 responses to “This is what the Pope said: “God Weeps’ for Victims of Priest Sexual Abuse”

  1. Is Pope Francis one of the few clerics that gets it???
    The legions of cleric beneath him,the Combonis especially spring to mind , still have their heads firmly up their arses!!’
    Wake up and smell the roses
    Your commander in chief has spoken do the right thing ,listen and act
    Will be at Telford over the weekend
    Hope to see old friends there and reminisce about the good times

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