In Response to Boy X — They were Comboni Missionary Priests — they were God’s right hand men on this earth.

Hi. I read your concerns with great interest as your story mirrors that of so many of us – and your reflections on the hold of religion on innocents from birth through to the grave is universal. I also noted your hesitation. You know what you should do, but you refrain from doing it -because the power exerted by religion -every religion – is both colossal and insidiously polluting to the innocent mind. Priests were all god-like. They could do no wrong… and even when they have committed heinous crimes against you – you remain ambivalent about the logical solution. I was the same as you. If it had been left to me – I would have continued to suffer in my mental turmoil – find excuses for the priest who made me captive and abused me at will – and juggled, forgetting absurdly that I was child at the time, with guilt as to whether I was complicit, or enjoyed the abuse or egged him on. The fact is that I was so bloody naive and trusted my abuser so implicitly that I would not have noticed if I had journeyed to Hell and back during his self-gratifying and sordid abuse. He was a priest. He was God’s right hand man on this earth – and I wanted to be like him. So what turned me into a Victim with a cause? Just one thing. It was not what “he” did to me so much as what the Comboni Missionary Order did to him. Nothing! That is: nothing negative! The continual abuse of minors by this priest was not the subject of any inquiry. He was not reported to the Constabulary for a crime in accordance with UK law. He thus was never charged in a criminal court for his crimes. He was not reported to the Vatican. He was thus not defrocked. He was temporarily considered for a mission appointment where he could continue to abuse children at will- but ill-health prevented that. Eventually he was “incardinated” to a parish in his home province of Como so that he could be near his family -and he was given a nice pension to enjoy his semi-retirement for the rest of his days. When I tried to make contact with him through the Order in later life, they told me, in effect, that he was dead – but he was not dead and the Order knew that very well. Of all these failures of the Comboni Missionary Order that prompted me into action -was the fact that the Order habitually disposed of criminal child abusers to the missions -or in the case of the priest who abused me -to a parish -where there was the opportunity for a criminal paedophile cleric to continue his self-gratifying debauchery. That is not God’s work. It is the work of all-powerful, perfidious, pernicious, unaccountable religion. They were more concerned with their own image than the crimes committed against children. Put differently – being a money-making enterprise -they were concerned with a reduction to the flow of donations. In a strange twist of logic, they refer to Victims as “money-grabbing liars” – apparently absurdly oblivious to the fact that they are precisely that. I think your only realistic option in conscience – would be to show them your Ace cards – and call their bluff. Its time for action my dear friend Boy X -whose true name I know not -but whose suffering I have felt for so long. It will help you to stand proud again – to be unashamed – to be whole and to be purged of the stink of the defilement of your innocence – as opposed to your inaction -which helps them.

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