“Sent home in DISGRACE” from the Comboni Missionaries Junior Seminary, Mirfield – by anonymous

Today for the first time in many years l have seen the name of Domenico Vallmagia who abused me when he was in charge of the infirmary. My reaction to this was to beg my parents not to make me return after the summer holidays. My father was adamant that I return. I couldn’t tell him my reason for not going back. I was duly bundled off to the station and sent back. I’m not really clear as to how things happened thereafter. I know that I started wetting the bed, a very humiliating occurrence in a shared dormitory. I was a very confident boy, this did not help. I think a small cohort of us got a bit rebellious. I might have got a little aggressive with one or two who thought of themselves as the chosen ones. I don’t remember the date but I was ignominiously booted out ( I can verify the date ). ” Sent home in DISGRACE!” My father picked me up at the station and didn’t speak to me for ten years! My home life from there on was a misery. This lead from me being a promising student to pretty much failing a every level. This has greatly affected my life choices. It was not until my mid forties that I established any sort of relationship with my father. It was not until his death that this all came flooding back. Although I still never broached the subject with him.

2 responses to ““Sent home in DISGRACE” from the Comboni Missionaries Junior Seminary, Mirfield – by anonymous

  1. Yes what a monster that man was. They knew about him too and never reported his crimes to the police buts imply let him live out his life in a parish in the Diocese of Como until he died a few years ago.

    The VFs are still hding away another monster and multiple abuser Nardo Romano in Italy and refusing West Yorkshire Police an opportunity to speak to him. Oh, and recently Pope Francis met with all the Comboni Missionaries in Rome and said what a great job they were doing and how great they are.

    We are still waiting for the new Super G, elected a month or so ago, to make a statement on abuse. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait too long.

    • I’ll be very surprised if The new General does anything ,its a cover up of a cover up, and they have to ensure the cover up remains in situ: after all the Pope himself is locking up whistleblowers now!

      Maybe ,,,just maybe in the UK with Justice Goddard we may see some light at the end of the tunnel.

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