2 responses to “Comboni Missionaries, Verona, and the BBC Wales Interview with Mark Murray

  1. So Mark is still left in a place of unknowing re. the outcome of this Court hearing. Good luck Mark. May God & justice be on your side.

    I seem to remember that one of the answers I had to learn by heart, from the Catechism, was one relating to sins listed as, ‘crying out to heaven for justice’. (I don’t recall sexual abuse by priests being mentioned. I wonder why not?

    If the Comboni’s present action against Mark Murray is not one of these, then I don’t know what is.

    F. Healy

  2. Most competent and compelling contributions by both Mark Murray and Father Charles. If Christianity is truly about truth, justice, love and mercy – then the Comboni Missionary Order’s Roman Curia and the London Province Superior are working for an image on the reverse side of the coin. Their behaviour is deplorable – and everyone recognises the blatant arrogance and demonstrable dishonesty of this pernicious legal action against Mark Murray.

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