John Paul Foran

My name is John Paul Foran. I am in Gerry ‘s
Picture of the junior football team. I am
The tallest boy nearest the camera .
My two Easter ‘s spent at Mifriend were the trip to London (Zulu the movie ).The second Easter was Tenby South Wales. If anyone
remembers the ice cream parlour owned by an
Italian gentleman of course. Do you remember
the picture he gave to the young seminarians
on our last day of holiday. Of course Fritz claimed it was given to just him.

2 responses to “John Paul Foran

  1. Is it not time to get on with life. I have close relatives who have been abused. They have picked themselves up. Personally I would have preferred to sort those bustard out.
    However I find it easier to prefer and care for animals and insects than human shite.
    Made in God’s image?Jaysus I. Never knew our so called maker was piece of shite.Turds are we.ho ho ho.

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