Father David Kinnear Glenday and Dawson Place


In Dawson Place, John McGovern and Pete Murray, my brother, were living there at the same time that I was there. I was preparing for my first mission posting.
Whilst living in Dawson Place I studied a short course in philosophy and African religions at the the not so far away Missionary Institute. The studies were to prepare me for my position of work on the Gulu Mission Farm in Northern Uganda.

During my period of study at both the Missionary Institute and Dawson Place, Father David Kinnear Glenday was my Spiritual Director.

Mark Murray

One response to “Father David Kinnear Glenday and Dawson Place

  1. I think it is time for all to move on. SOD this imaginative thing called God. The roman empire has gone. Also the shite called Christianity. Used for years to keep people down.Let us just be free and at peace with ourselves. It is after all the 21St century.

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