Without an iota of the Christian virtue that they purport to preach the Verona Fathers in England, like their expensively retained maritime lawyer, ( Google Verona Fathers accounts) fight any sexual abuse claimant from their junior seminary with lies and subterfuge on a scale some in Wall St. would be proud of; dragging cases on for years and years exploiting every loop hole; and abusing the plaintiff all over again in his adult life with appalling bullying.


Claimants often receive short shrift too from their own solicitors, who often don’t fully understand the complexities of the cases they have taken on board; for this reason all have settled in the past without liability being acknowledged, and the old-boys get no redress or apology.


At the moment those few boys still attempting to navigate the difficult and stressful Legal System in the courts of Britain against the Organisation appear to be getting as much pain from their own lawyers  as from the Verona Fathers’. Some old boys brought to the brink of total despair and financial ruin for doing absolutely nothing wrong,,nothing,,but attempt to address and redress an Awful Sexual Abuse.


This apparently billion pound ‘Missionary Order’  ( with a world-wide property portfolio valued at probably over £500m)   funded partly by the good Catholics of England, Wales, Scotland and, Ireland has hidden the secret of Verona Father child sexual abuse in their Mirfield, West Yorkshire school for decades, denying all the abused boys any kind of redress or apology.


Ignoring all new rules on child protection from the Diocese or the state, – like not reporting cases that have been brought to their attention via the courts; Verona Fathers have gone on blindly burying their child abuse cases and fighting tooth and nail any ex seminarian who dares complain. It’s no wonder Cardinal Vincent Nichols was overheard calling the Verona Fathers “fools” when they came up in conversation at a reception in the Jesuit Farm Street Church recently.


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