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While many Priests may not be guilty of the crimes or bad behavior they are accused of many are as guilty as sin. While some of these abuse matters may not fall into the category of “a crime” its still abuse when it is from the start done with ill intent on the fragile person. Recent articles have been published, relating to certain Priests who abuse the young as well as those who sexually abuse adults.


Such behavior can never be justified.

There are Priests who “reach” out to emotionally fragile woman, using their position as a cover, to gain the trust of the emotionally fragile woman, showing compassion and care but in reality they are looking at the woman right from the start, through eyes filled with lust or intentions to gain, rather than through eyes of empathy.

While it can never be disputed that there are woman, who pursue Priests, doing all in their power to gain the Priest favor and tempt him, as they view it as some type of trophy to do so, these are not the woman, I am giving reference to.

The fragile woman places trust in him, seeing him as a person who shows compassion and understanding of her situation. Almost immediately, the Priest tells her that he feels close to her, telling her “it is nice to be able to talk so freely and be so close.”
Slowly he draws her into his web, advising her to keep to self and just confide in him. The woman is blindsided by this talk and starts to bare her soul to him.

Once he has gained her confidence, he then starts to make advances in words, actions and deeds, saying after each time he does, it is how he feels, knowing that a person in her position is craving love and affection in whatever form and will never disregard him. Eventually after each “fall” he relies on the woman, who is in desperate need of a understanding friend, to look past his transgressions and say, that the behavior he displayed is perfectly natural, and both then state “such feelings are there but they need to be controlled” only for him without any prompting from the woman side to make these advances again and do all in his power to try to tempt the woman, through sexting, when he sees her, using her to fulfill a need, but not going the whole way, by engaging in behavior of kissing her until her is aroused and then exposing himself and reaching climax in front of her, video calls where he cannot see the woman but he is once again working himself up in the video until he reaches climax, telephonic sex, making out to the woman that what they share is special and there is also talk of a future life together. long conversations, telling her of his unhappiness in the Priesthood, his dissatisfaction at been used by others to do all tasks, making sure he never ever leaves her alone, making all the advances and always tempting the woman who is single.

The woman tells him that she places more value in him as a friend above all else, even if it means that they would only be able to interact over social media and keep all correspondence “formal but friendly”. He agrees. His track record would be evidence enough to show, that he continues to pursue the woman, knowing that she will accept him back each time because she is lost and alone, as much as the woman would say she takes responsibility for any part she played. A lot of his talk is, friendly and shows care and promises of a life together in the future, thereby confusing the woman even more. He keeps their relationship well hidden. He sends her over three hundred photographs of his “erect” penis, photo’s of himself, where clearly in the background in most of the photos one can see his Priest cloak, he then starts to ask the woman for photos of her most intimate self, as much as she tells him she has never engaged in such behavior over social media before, eventually because of his hot and cold behavior and out of fear of losing him as her only friend she gives in, only for him to say, the photo is OK and needs stronger light, it is evident he is trying to get later “dirt” on the woman not realising she has kept every single chat they ever had, ever single conversation, every single show of call, every photo ever sent.

Such Priests, when they do eventually express an “apology” will maintain, that their Priestly calling is more important?? even though that was never disputed or questioned by the woman, as she regarded him as a close friend, who was unable at times to control his feelings and expressed them often in a “suggestive” way without any prompting from her side and then adds to his “apology” that it he had never engaged in such behavior before, trying to shift blame onto the woman that she is responsible for his behavior throughout, yet his lengthy record with just that woman alone, is evidence is enough that he has engaged in this behavior for a long time and what is apparent is that he is very experienced in this regard.

No mention is given again to the “friendship” at all. All emphasis is placed only on him. A real apologizer is one who is solely motivated by concern for the one he has wronged not self.
If his Priesthood was so important why did he wait so long before saying that??

All the Priest is doing is using his “priesthood” as an excuse to get rid of the woman as he is done using her and to free himself possibly from any guilt he may feel at violating his Priestly vows.

He knows he would never be suspected of such behavior, as he “hides” behind his position, years served, age, shows a compassionate and affectionate side, often introverted, serious, quietly spoken, held in high regard by many, although there are signs that he is full of his own self importance and evidence suggests that he certainly does not keep his distance from other woman and is often seen in their company socially and also very worryingly through doing ministry with them from time to time. It is evident that many of these woman enjoy his attention and are very young.

Priests are humans. When feelings expressed by the Priest are sincere, and are NOT done with ill intention, even towards an emotionally fragile woman and develop over time, it can be understood and a solution can be sought to his inability to control himself and his emotions.

To expect that fragile woman you have mislead for so long, to be accepting of your cowardly written apology and accepting of your dismissal of her, is like taking a delicate flower, that had started to bloom again, as she felt she had a friend and support system, squashing it into the ground with his foot, then picking it up later fully expecting that it can be put together again the way it was before. The woman is left with even deeper wounds to her already fractured soul.

It can be argued by those who are biased, that the fragile woman knew he is a Priest, and say she is not the victim but the victimizer, and why did she allow it continue for so long. Why did he allow it to continue for so long?? He knew his a Priest and he knew she was emotionally fragile as well and in desperate need of a friend, why did he mislead her into believing she was the close friend?? Also as said, countless times there was talk of a future together, giving the woman false hope, and also talk that he would be able to still perform his Priestly duties. The Catholic Church is telling the Priest it is ok, to use the woman for a need but it is not ok to love or commit to that woman. Who knows what he is telling others, where he would get support, as this Priest has now gone off to REST, after his apparent ordeal at been tempted at the hands of a woman, but all evidence shows that he is the guilty one, who never left the woman alone, tempted her all of the time, exposed himself all the time at every single opportunity, trying to arouse the woman by doing so, made countless video calls, telephone calls, the evidence is all there, also secret trips to visit her and then still did the same while the woman was fully clothed and in no way tempted him. To just dismiss, and cut a woman, who you have for months brought under a wrong impression, knowing her state, saying to her I WAS VERY SEXUALLY ATTRACTED TO YOU FROM THE START BECAUSE YOU ARE AND WERE SO FRAGILE and woman the woman starts to cry, he then changes it saying NO I MEAN I FEEL A NEED TO PROTECT YOU. She sees him as her true friend, a person who falls from time to time and tells him many times she would rather he never expressed such feelings ever again or engaged in such talk, kept his distance but kept regular correspondence from time to time with her, keeping all talk above board than not have him in her life, he simply ignores this, it goes about him, what he stands to lose, how its affected him, because he sees the catholic church and the priesthood as his “wife” and the girlfriend as his “mistress” so in the end he must decide, does he stay with his “wife” the priesthood or go with his “mistress” girlfriend, he chooses more often than not the Priesthood because he realises he is at a age he will never get work, he has nothing if he leaves, she has little to offer in the way of financial support, he is fake. If his Priesthood was so important, why wait for so long before expressing these feelings of apparent disgust, why try to shift blame onto the woman after the apology by saying, he has never engaged in such matters before where it is apparent he is an expert, in view of the fact he entered the Priesthood at about sixteen and has been a Priest for over thirty something years and in his sixties.
To take advantage of a situation where the only intention was to try to benefit in whatever way right from the start and then disregard and dismiss the fragile person after you are done using them, is abuse, not as in the form of a crime but its abuse.
Reality, it is happening and Priests who are guilty are bargaining on the loyal victim, to protect them.


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