Bishop Scicluna did you deliver my letter to Pope Francis in January 2014?

In January 2014 I telephoned Bishop Scicluna in Malta, and spoke about the sexual abuse I had suffered, and the sexual abuse that other children had suffered, by the Comboni Missionary Order of Verona at their junior seminary in Mirfield, England.

I told Bishop Scicluna that i had written a letter to the Pope about the Mirfield abuse. Bishop Scicluna informed me that he was meeting Pope Francis the following week, and he asked me to email him the letter so that he could deliver it to Pope Francis.

Bishop Scicluna said he would also talk with Pope Francis about the abuse of other chidren at the Comboni Missionary Junior Seminary at Mirfield.

The letter I emailed Bishop Scicluna is written below.

From: Mark Murray
To: “bp.scicluna ………..
Sent: Monday, 27 January 2014, 14:50
Subject: Father Romano Nardo (Comboniani Missionary) and historical abuse.

Dear Pope Francis,

I have been striving for justice and inner peace because of the abuse i suffered at the hands of the Comboni Fathers (Verona Fathers).

The abuse happened at their junior seminary in Mirfield, Yorkshire, England.

The Vatican says it is changing how the victims of abuse are treated – that is not the case with me. I have lost a large part of my life because of the abuse. I have for many years lived with the abuse, believing that because I was abused, i too, would go on and abuse. When my children were born, i was, because of the abuse that Fr.Romano Nardo put me through, living in fear that i, too, would begin to abuse my children.

I have been in Psychiatric units because of my suicide ideation, i have lost my job because of my depression, anxiety and PTSD. My relationship with my wife has been massively effected and consequently this has had an effect on my children.

I have written lots of letters to the Comboni Fathers, both to Italy and to the UK. All replies indicate or have the same theme,that,”we are sorry you feel this way.” I have asked to be allowed to go to Verona and meet the priest as a way of asking – why did you do this? I, also felt it would be a way of finding inner peace and promoting change within the Comboni Fathers.Their response “Fr.Nardo’s Psychiatrist does not think it would be in the best interest of Fr. Nardo.” What about my best interest, the victim? How do you think i feel? Do they have any idea? They did not then, and they do not now.I have all the correspondence between The Comboni Fathers and myself and if you wish you can see it.I have been to the police in the UK. Three months ago, they asked Fr. Nardo to return to the UK for questioning. The Comboni’s said he was too ill – even though he was a priest and working in the Comboni Hospital in their Mother House in Verona.
They moved him, more or less immediately to a psychiatric clinic where he cannot be contacted, questioned or extradited. I have been told that he feels suicidal.

They choose once again to protect him, their order and their church at the expense of my suffering and the suffering of many others. I have felt suicidal for many years and have been placed in units for my own safety.

The Combonis promised me that Nardo would never be working around children – he would only ever work around the ill and the infirmed in the Comboni Hospital and would take no part in priestly duties.How do you think i felt when I saw This?

In 2011, I believed i was the only person that was abused at the Junior Seminary. I set up a blog to see if anyone else would come forward – many have. Have a look at

Their aim, the VF’s aim, the Comboni Father’s aim, since 1997, when I first brought it to their attention that Nardo was an abuser and had abused me, has always been to protect Nardo.

Is there anything you can suggest?

Best wishes Pope Francis,

Have a long, happy and fruitful Pontificate

Mark Murray



— Forwarded Message
From: Mark Murray < <>
Sent: Thursday, 27 February 2014, 22:25
Subject: Given up to protect
Hello Charles,
Have you,also given up?
  I have not had a response from
  I know the Catholic Church is slow, however, i
would have expected, by now, a response to my questions. I
have invested so much of my life – especially my family life
in seeking answers and peace about what happened to me.

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