Comboni Clarke agreed a letter of Apology should be sent to me – Comboni Devenish did not.

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Dear Mark

I have been away and just received your e mails.

The position we discussed in our telephone conversation in March
related to my conversation with Fr John Clark is:

1.  I
was assured that the Order had taken steps to prevent Fr Nardo from
being in a situation where he could  abuse children.  This is because
he has been removed from active ministry and has been given pastoral
work  looking after the sick and dying members of the Community based
at the mother house in Verona.

2.  Fr Clark and I did discuss whether a letter might be sent to that
effect but any text would need to be approved by the Provincial before
it was sent.  I have never received a copy of a letter from the Order
to yourself, but might not necessarily have expected to receive one.

3.  I had and have no objection for that information to be shared with
your legal representative if you so decided.  The request from AO
earlier in March was to provide a witness statement.  I am not able to
do this as I have no direct first hand knowledge of the people or the
circumstances you were in and it would therefore be inappropriate for
the Diocese to become involved in the legal process.

4.  As we discussed in March, the action I took in meeting the
Safeguarding Co-Ordinator for the Verona Fathers was to clarify the
concerns which you had raised with me when we met Fr. ………and I
think I have done what I promised and fed back to you the outcome of
that meeting as I understood it.

I hope this answers the points you raise in your e-mail.

Best wishes


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