Words, actions and prayers without love are worthless. And, so far, I have not witnessed or heard any loving words or actions from the Combonis.

The Comboni Missionary Order still remain silent about the abuse perpetrated by their priests. This silence revictimises victims and survivors and compounds the sufferng that many are allready experiencing.
When I spoke to Comboni, Fr David Kinnear Glenday, the current Secretary General of the USG (Union of Superiors General) on his mobile in Rome asking him to enter into a dialogue with Comboni victims,  his reply was : “I can listen, but I can not speak.”
The Comboni Order refuse to make relevant comments, listen or enter into a dialogue with the Comboni Survivor Group. How could they after what they have done and continue to do? They can’t make statements of  support, empathy  and reconciliation on one hand, and then treat victims and survivors with utter contempt and hostility on the other. They take the option of remaining silent.
The statements we hear now about the safeguarding of children should have been made years ago. Do these statements come from their  hearts or the heart of their gospels, or are they statements that are made because of the continuing  public outrage and negative media attention?
Some would say does it matter as long as change happens. To me it does. Words, actions and prayers for victims or survivors without love and a genuine regard are worthless.
So far, I have not witnessed or heard any loving words for the victims and survivors  of abuse from the Comboni Missionary Order.  These victims and survivors are treated with utter contempt, disregard and hatred.
Your prayers for myself, my family and my fellow seminarians  are a copout. They are meaningless.

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