Abuse is like a maggot feeding on a corpse until there is nothing left. They once coveted and abused our bodies and youthful, gullible emotions and now they eat away at our minds and continually destroy us. It is not just the physical ravaging that they inflicted on us but they continue to eat away at our minds – with their betrayal and treachery always gnawing at our emotions, minds and souls.  We were lambs for the slaughter – innocent, unknowing and defenseless. 

The callousness of the Combonis today make it harder to bear. They have no concept of the damage done to our lives. They care not one jot and they simply do not want to understand because ‘Truth’ can hurt and inflict deep wounds upon their own sense of superiority and righteousness.

 It is not new. If you go back in history and look at the priesthoods of the Egyptians, Jews, Aztecs  or wherever – they all failed eventually – because above all else they invented rules, admonitions and punishments and protected the superiority of their priesthood and their control of the minds and bodies of the common crowd . 

Now the Christian Priesthood of every shade and colour is being toppled by their own corruption and the emancipation of the common man from their yoke is marching forward. They will become history in the years to come.

That is why we must continue to play our part in fighting their abuse wherever it happens. Children of the future must be protected – and the priesthood that continues to claim superior exceptional status must be destroyed. 

Jesus Christ was a socialist above anything else and taught equality, fairness and humility. Everything else about Christianity was invented by the Roman Emperors who used Bishops as their administrators. There were once many very different records – Gospels – if you like – of the simple Jesus. Some even represented him as an ordinary man who married like any other man and had children. The Bishops simply chose the ones that suited their aim – banished and killed those who did not agree with them – and from thereon in the Christian Bishops’ Councils of the Church over the ages re-interpreted and elaborated the rule book to suit their own lifestyles and continue their dominance.

We need to treat them like the imposters that they are! Continue the fight!

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